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We Buy Used Bikes Nyc [BEST]

We've all been there. You need to unlock the value of your current bike so you can find a bike for your next adventure. There are plenty of ways to sell your used bike. Some require more or less work than others, and some provide more value for your bike and your time.

we buy used bikes nyc

If you're lucky, there might be a used sporting goods shop near you that'll buy used bikes. Many modern bike shops don't bother buying and selling used bikes anymore. Otherwise, one of the quickest ways to turn your used bike into cash is to find a local pawnshop. It is the old-fashioned way to turn most items into quick cash. If you're lucky, you may have a shop nearby that specializes in buying, selling, and consigning used sporting equipment.

The advantage here is the convenience of selling locally and completing a transaction the same day you walk in. The major concern, however, is getting maximum value for your bike. Many shops may lack the expertise to understand what your bike is worth, or their business model makes them unable or unwilling to give you the amount you want, especially for high-end bikes.

Remember, if your bike doesn't sell locally, you'll have to pack and ship your bike. This costs money (sometimes a lot!), and if you don't have the materials or experience, it can be difficult. Selling your used bike on a forum can be a bit of extra work, but it can help you find a specific type of buyer that you might not be able to find locally.

We have a proven, efficient system to buy bikes from cyclists like you. Whether you want the cash or you're ready to trade-in for your next bike, our goal at The Pro's Closet is to provide you with exceptional customer service and a trouble-free way to sell your bike.

Simply follow the steps below and we will send you a quote for your bike within 24 hours. If you have a high-quality used frame or wheels, we're interested in those too! It doesn't matter where you live in the U.S. We cater to clients across the country, and we are committed to offering a fair price for your used bicycle.

We will email you a prepaid shipping label for your bike. Ensure that your bike is safely packed so it does not become damaged in transit. Damaged bikes will be returned or have their offers revised. If you're worried about properly packing your bike for shipment, our Shipping Manager, Steve has a few helpful tips:

So, how do you avoid these cons of selling online? Well, with The Pro's Closet, you deal directly with us. You have the option for either cash or store credit, and receiving payment is fast and easy via PayPal. Worried abou those high shipping rates? We have you covered, shipping is free for all bikes we purchase! Best of all, our team is available every day of the week to answer any questions you may have!

DO make sure to outline anything that is wrong with the bike. Scratches and dents are inevitable on a used bike and nothing is worse than surprising your buyer with a bike in worse shape than they had expected. Be transparent and advertise the bike honestly.

Paul has been on two wheels since he was in his teens and he's spent much of the time since writing about bikes and the associated tech. He's a road cyclist at heart but his adventurous curiosity means Paul has been riding gravel since well before it was cool, adapting his cyclo-cross bike to ride all-day off-road epics and putting road kit to the ultimate test along the way.

Bring us your good working used bike, and we can give you in-store credit to use towards your purchase. This credit can be used for anything in the store -- Whether it be another bike, parts or accessories.

In addition to used bicycles and repairs, the shop also offers a variety of new accessories including helmets, locks, lights, and a wide range of new and recycled bicycle parts. All of the bikes, merchandise, and services are offered at fair and affordable prices. Each bicycle comes with a 30-day warranty and is priced in accordance with the parts and labor we dedicate to reconditioning each one.

The team at our powersports dealership in Massapequa, NY, understands that many factors come into play when shopping for your next motorcycle purchase. In addition to lifestyle and personal tastes, budget is perhaps the most important thing to consider when you want to finance a motorcycle for sale nearby. That's why you should think about buying a used bike at Island Powersports! Browsing our used motorcycles for sale is an excellent way to ride home on a like-new bike for a pre-owned price, and the team at Island Powersports is here to help you find your perfect match. Whether it's a pre-owned Suzuki or a lightly used Kawasaki, you'll find that quality and value work hand in hand at our New York powersports dealership!

From used Honda models to pre-owned Ducati motorcycles for sale, our dealership is stocked with a wide variety of used bikes for you to explore. Stop by today to browse our lineup of used Harley-Davidson motorcycles and be sure to ask about our used bike deals.

Are you looking to trade in or sell your motorcycle in Massapequa, NY? Come to Island Powersports, as we're not only your neighborhood motorcycle dealership, but we buy bikes, too! We'll buy your bike and happily build our pre-owned inventory, and if you want to trade in and trade up to a new or used motorcycle while you're here, we can help. Whether you want to ride home on an upgraded bike or walk away with the cash, come sell your motorcycle at our Massapequa powersports dealership. You can even value your trade online before you visit us!

Find the right used motorcycle for your lifestyle and budget at Island Powersports. Whether you're looking to buy a used bike or sell your current motorcycle, we'll be there to help you every step of the way.

Then, of course, available inventory will factor into the decision. Our used bike inventory in our Mt. Kisco cycling shop is constantly changing based on bikes we have taken on trade. You can always check our most current stock by just giving us a call at the bike shop at 914-666-4044.

It's one thing to buy a used bike from a reputable cycling shop like Bicycle World NY. So we'll go over the used bicycle thoroughly to detect issues and make sure they're in good working order before selling the bike.

It's another story if you're looking to purchase a used bicycle through an online ad or other sources. Again, you'll want to go over the bike to check for potential issues. For example, any cracks around the seat post of rear stays should raise a significant red flag.

Of course, if you are simply looking to upgrade your old Peloton bike for a new one, you can consider trading it in. Once Peloton released the Bike Plus, it started letting original bike owners trade their bikes in for a credit towards a new Bike Plus.

Effective April 2020 - the law allows people to operate bicycles with electric assist (e-bikes) on some streets and highways in New York State.Effective August 2, 2020 - the law allows people to operate electric scooters (e-scooters) and bicycles with electric assist (e-bikes) on some streets and highways in New York State.

Here at Hudson Valley Motorcycles, we buy bikes, ATV's, UTV's, Slingshots, Spyders, and even cars! Not sure if we'd be interested? We make offers on every type of bike, cruiser, sport bike, Harley bikes, dirt bikes and more. If you have a common brand of bike, or a lesser known motorcycle for sale we are interested in speaking with you!

We have listed all our used bikes in our classifieds section of the web-site. There you can browse the various used bikes we have available at our stores. This area is also a great resource for you when trying to sell one of your old bikes. It is very simple to list your item, and advertise to people in our area immediately. All this and its FREE. We are glad to offer this service to everyone. The Bikeway Free Classifieds are a terrific way to buy and sell used cycling equipment right in our area - Take a look!

Every discussion of bike buying is complete without a look at the used bicycle market. There are pros and cons to both options, and you can get a fair deal in either case. Here are the criteria for comparing new and used bicycles:

Old, rusty bikes sitting in the garage after years of disrepair or disuse are often sent to the junkyard, drifting into oblivion or piling up into scrap metal. But Cornell students Anne-Lise Cossart '09 and Liz Bageant '10 are shifting this paradigm by collecting and shipping used bikes to Ghana.

So far, the two-woman team, whose project is called "Scrap Metal to Ghana Pedal," has almost 400 bikes, and the donations keep coming. By April 4, when the bikes will leave Ithaca, they hope to have 500 bikes to send via truck to New York City, then via boat to Ghana in a huge container.

In rural Ghana, bicycle riding is common, said Bageant, but bikes are not always easy to come by, and the gear system on African bikes is different from standard Western bicycles. Bikes are not used as productively as they could be, and women especially have a hard time getting access to them, she said.

Cossart and Bageant are working with the Village Bicycle Project, an Idaho-based nonprofit organization that ships bikes to Ghana, provides bike repair and maintenance workshops there and sells the bicycles to community members and bike retailers. They also are working closely with Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles (RIBS) in downtown Ithaca, whose repair shop has served as one of two collection points. RIBS, a program of the Southside Community Center, has donated about 100 bikes.

Cossart got the idea for the Ithaca bike project after she volunteered last summer for a similar bike-collection agency in New Jersey. She applied for and received a $2,000 grant from the Community Partnership Board of the Cornell Public Service Center. The money is being used for publicity, collection costs and for trucking the bikes to New York. The Village Bicycle Project will pay for shipping the bikes to Ghana. 041b061a72


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