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Victoria 2 Crash Map Properly Initialized

If crashes or errors persist you may also try this fix which was provided by a paradox dev:Provided by a Paradox dev:1. Uninstall the game two times (Uninstall, Install, Uninstall, Install)2. Go to your game directory/Victoria II/map/cache and clear everything in the cache, don't delete the folder3. Go to documents/Paradox Interactive and delete the whole Victoria 2 file4. Delete EVERYTHING in your mods folder5. Go back to your victoria 2 files and scroll down to v2game.exe and double click on it when it loads exit out and start vanilla through steam or the launcher6. Install the mod and start the game with it.

victoria 2 crash map properly initialized

I have some trouble loading the game. At first it would crash as soon as i opened the loading screen so i cleared the cache file. Then every time it got to loading rivers it crashed so i took out the rivers file from the mod directory. Now it crashes at map properly initialized and i am very frustrated and puzzled on how to fix this. I've been watching play throughs on this mod for a while now and always wanted to play it but i cant seem to figure out how to start the mod. I'm currently up to dates of Victoria 2 and have the latest version of the mod. Please help me.

Q: Vic2 is crashing at Initializing Maplogic. What do I do?A: Clear your map cache by deleting the cache folder inside ".../victoria 2/map/" in both My Documents and the Victoria 2 install location.


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