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Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell

Apc Smart Ups Powerchute Download !!TOP!!

Note: This parameter is applicable only if you are installing PowerChute Network Shutdown on more than 50 computers for one Network Management Card. See the document "PowerChute Network Shutdown with more than 50 computers on One UPS," available from the download page for PowerChute Network Shutdown for your operating system on the APC Web site.

apc smart ups powerchute download

To use the device template, you need a PRTG installation running version 16.3.25 or later. Whether you are using a full version, or the free version of PRTG limited to 100 sensors, is of no importance. Further prerequisites, tips on the setup, technical details and information and of course a download link for the device template can be found in our knowledgebase. 350c69d7ab


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