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Board Girls

The show opens with a new theme song dedicated to the PC babies, who are the highly politically correct quintuplet children of South Park Elementary principal PC Principal and vice-principal Strong Woman. At South Park Elementary, PC Principal announces that Woman will be competing in a strongwoman competition where she is the reigning champion. She encourages the girls of the school to be more active in school sports and activities.

Board Girls

Fourth-graders Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Butters Stotch, Clyde Donovan and Scott Malkinson are in a gaming club named Dice Studz playing Dungeons & Dragons. They are interrupted by school counselor Mr. Mackey who brings in Tammy Nelson and Nichole Daniels who wish to join. Although the boys are hesitant to let the girls play, the girls immediately display an advanced knowledge of the game that stuns the boys. Cartman, Butters and Scott complain to Mackey about the girls in their club but they are dismissed. The boys collectively decide to switch their games to tabletop miniature games to make their games too difficult for the girls to play, but the girls come in immediately prepared for the game, and Stan becomes more comfortable with the girls' presence.

Cartman, Butters and Scott plead to the United States Congress to return their club to the way that it was. In response, the girls start up their own gaming club named Board Girls which is hugely popular. The boys are fascinated by their new club, but Mackey kicks them out of the club as a new rule in school no longer allows boys in girls clubs, a direct result of the boys pleas to Congress.

Principal's reputation is damaged from his actions, and Woman consoles him in a park as Principal does not want to face his babies due to his actions. Principal decides to invite Swanson to South Park Elementary as a motivational speaker in an attempt to make up for his actions. As Swanson brags about her ability to beat any woman at any contest, the girls from Board Girls retort that she would be unable to beat any of them in some of their favorite games. Swanson accepts their challenge and is repeatedly defeated by the Board Girls in various games. Swanson leaves in anger as Cartman invites Swanson to make their own club instead. Principal returns home and finds that his children have accepted his actions as they simply do not care.

The plight of Strong Woman is mirrored by Cartman and the gang, who want to play board games badly, in peace, without girls entering their safe space and beating them with their studious, strategic approach. As Cartman becomes increasingly desperate, he turns to the law, making a case for gender exclusion using the plight of his classmate, Scott, who has diabetes, as a tool for pushing his agenda.

PC Principal announces in a school assembly about Strong Woman entering the competition. Strong Woman then gives a speech to motivates the girls to enter school sports and clubs. This inspires Nichole and Tammy to join Dice Studz, the board game club run by Cartman. Since the club was only boys, Cartman tries to get rid of the girl by telling them they are playing Dungeons and Dragons, only for the girls to tell them they already have characters created.

After the girls manage to repeatedly beat the boys at the games by examining the rules, Cartman, Butters, and Scott speak to Mr. Mackey about changing the rules, but he refuses. The boys decide to try some harder, more thematic games after a suggestion from Stan. Unfortunately, thanks to YouTube tutorials, the girls are already more skilled at these games too.

Cartman, Scott, and Butters speak to the Colorado General Assembly to try to stop girls from joining the boys' clubs. After getting Scott to speak about his "terminal diabetes", the rule is passed, and the boys get to play board games on their own. Butters then comes in and shows them the girls' board games club, which is bigger and has better games. Mr. Mackey then tells the boys to get out of the girls' club due to the new rule.

After the news story breaks about PC Principal having a trans problem, PC sits alone, upset. He tells Strong Woman he cannot speak to his kids now and decides to make it right. The two speak to the school about Heather before introducing her. Heather boasts about being better than any other girl, only to be interrupted by Nichole, challenging her to board games against the girls. The girls manage to easily win all the board games, angering Heather, who only likes board games for thematic stuff. She then leaves, along with Cartman, who agrees with her.

Our Board is made up of individuals with diverse experiences and areas of expertise. They lead the Partnership in ending child marriage and supporting ever-married girls, ensuring that girls everywhere can reach their full potential.

Copyright 2002 - 2023 All Rights Reserved. Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 1,500 civil society organisations committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfil their potential. Find out more

The Youth Advisory Board consists of high school students from diverse regions, backgrounds, and STEM interests. The board's name changed from Girls Advisory Board in 2021, reflecting the desire to include and represent the interests of non-binary youth along with girls.

The mission of the Youth Advisory Board is to provide feedback on current NGCP initiatives and to inform our future direction. NGCP supports board members' pursuit of STEM by providing them with unique opportunities. Additionally, there is a Youth Advisory Board Alumni program for members who have since graduated from high school.

Girl Advisory Board members are alums of Girls Leadership programs and want to make a difference in the world. They are in 8th to 12th grades and advise Girls Leadership staff on ways to improve and evolve programming to meet the expressed needs of all girls.

In the end, Heather, who claimed to be unstoppable, is defeated by some of the elementary school girls who formed a board game club after the boys at the school complained and had them removed from their game club.

Stephanie J. Hull is President and CEO of Girls Inc., the organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy. Prior to joining Girls Inc., Dr. Hull was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. She was also previously the Head of School for The Brearley School and held various leadership and management positions at Mount Holyoke and Dartmouth Colleges.

According to the outlet, alarm bells went off after the girls reportedly suffered signs of fainting, anxiety and other symptoms at school. They were subsequently admitted to a municipal hospital accompanied by parents and school faculty.

Christine Scheuneman is an independent corporate board director and strategic advisor to national and international private and public companies. An award-winning leader in innovative and strategic advice and published author on corporate governance and finance, Christine is a Board Leadership Fellow with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). She also serves on the Board of the NACD Pacific Southwest Chapter.

A creative and collaborative leader, Vikki is sharply focused on ensuring transformative leadership development experiences for nearly 15,000 Girl Scouts across Orange County. With an annual budget of approximately $12 million, 150 staff members including seasonal staff, and nearly 10,000 adult members and active volunteers representing every OC zip code, Vikki leads her team in helping girls develop the vital skills they need to live their best lives.

The GSNYPENN Girl Advisory Board (GAB) was established to give the CEO of Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways guidance on issues facing girls today. The input and advice that is provided to the CEO is shared with the Board of Directors and ultimately sets the direction for Girl Scouting in our jurisdiction.

The GAB is a cooperative learning team and safe place where girls can share their thoughts about what girls need and want, as well as their ideas on how Girl Scouts can be the program of choice for girls today.

Apply to the National Girl Scout Advisory Board to GSUSA GSUSA is accepting nominations for up to 10 members to join the National Girl Scout Advisory Board. Girl Scouts in grades 7-11 during the 2023-24 school year are eligible. The National Girl Scout Advisory Board to GSUSA works with the Girl Scout national office on key projects and initiatives aligned to the national strategy and provides critical customer insight and innovative ideas to serve girls in the 21st Century. Members of the advisory board work with teams in the national office on projects aligned with our national strategy, including program, girl engagement, DEI/RJ, research, marketing, and more. Members make recommendations, contribute to key initiatives, and gain valuable experience and professional development. Deadline to apply is Friday, March 17, 2023, at 12:30 p.m. Download the application below. To apply or for more information,

Composed of members from across our council and spanning the private and nonprofit sector, our board of directors guides the direction of Girl Scouts River Valleys. These five executive officers and 20 directors at-large are volunteers and members of Girl Scouts of the USA.

The IGHSAU Student Athlete Advisory Committee is comprised of female student-athletes from each of the state's four districts (NE, SE, NW, SW) along with three at-large representatives. Eleven girls were selected to two-year terms to meet about issues related to girls high school activities in Iowa. Committee members act as a voice for Iowa's female student-athletes and serve as a sounding board for the IGHSAU's Representative Council and the Board of Directors

Our board includes young professionals from a variety of fields, including law, accounting, finance, marketing, education and healthcare. Joining our board offers networking opportunities among members of all boards connected to the Boys and Girls Clubs. 041b061a72


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