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after getting her permission, savitri followed satyavan into the forest. satyavan was bent on performing his penances. as they were going through the forest, savitri began to observe the beauty of the nature. they were engrossed in a deep conversation when out of nowhere a snake came before them. on seeing the snake, savitri began to tremble with fear. satyavan reassured her and the snake disappeared. the couple then began to walk on. just as they were crossing a small rivulet, a bat came in front of them and made a ruckus. satyavan asked savitri to hide in a nearby tree and sought god for his safety. as the two were walking on, they heard a huge roar. savitri looked up to see a tiger coming towards them. the tiger roared again and again. the couple ran for their lives. satyavan rushed in front of savitri who was at the rear. as they were running, satyavan cut his hand with his axe. as he was holding the axe, he let go of saviithri and fell down. savitri in her panic, tried to run away. but as satyavan lay on the ground, he turned around and said: saviithri, since you are scared of me now, i am going to do a miracle for you.

Satya Savithri Ani Satyawan Marathi Movie 44

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i will not allow anyone to hurt you. when i die, you will take away all my power. only then will my life be over. then you will go to the kingdom of your fathers. satyavan then laid down his body on the ground. he took off his clothes and began to perform penances. he drank water from the rivulet and also took some water from the hill. he began to perform severe penances. as savitri was looking on, wondering what satyavan was doing, she heard a loud thud behind her. savitri turned around and saw a deer rushing towards her. on seeing her she began to run away. just then satyavan got up, put on his clothes and rushed towards savitri. with a roar, the deer attacked satyavan and began to attack savitri with its horns. satyavan tried to protect savitri but to no avail. the deer began to gore them both. savitri was on the verge of death.


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