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Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell

Waves V6 Mac Torrent

when on waves central it is asking for a password and username when I click install product. I followed everything the video shows unless theres something left out. please let me know. /Users/pablogonzalez/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 5.32.00 PM.png

Waves V6 Mac Torrent

Download Zip:

Some of the WTs also use the Upper Wavetable. Since I have not used the standard waves at position 61,62,63 like in the original PPG EPROMs, the upper and lower wavetables can be used as one double length table! This is especially interesting with sounds that demand a long loop. To achieve this, set "ModWheel -> Waves" = 1 (MW=1) and turn up the Modwheel as desired. Luckily, the ModWheel intensity is included in the wave program dataset! I marked the fxb's where I used that with (U) "using upper WT".


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