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Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell


I have placed a ticket to mediafire tech support (twice) without answer: I have created two different accounts, totally different info, one free and one Pro (pay). None of them show me the Create new application box in My account->settings->developer. The emails I have used are verified...any clues? Thx


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In short: a fellow crowdfunded a little money some years ago, and bought mediafire storage for our community to share flashcard decks for language learning. We're no longer in touch, and his blog has lapsed, so I'm trying to back up the entire folder before roughly 0.5TB of user contributions vanish.

I've got a remote successfully set up as a destination, but I haven't a clue how to designate this public mediafire folder as the source to copy/sync from. I'm sure the answer is dirt simple, I just can't find it. The best I could think to try was configuring a webdav remote and leaving most of the fields blank, since an old thread suggested mediafire might be compatible with that. Alas... 041b061a72


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