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I expected a lot more from this animated story, particularly since the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore was such a well regarded and popular work. The first part of the picture dealt with Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and her working relationship with Batman, and really didn't have much bearing on the Joker portion of the story. The segue of Batgirl getting frisky with the caped super-hero left me kind of cold, that really has no place in a super-hero movie to my way of thinking. The main story line has The Joker humiliating Commissioner Gordon while attempting to prove to Batman that just about anyone is one bad day away from going crazy. With a blocky art style and cliched dialog, I thought this film could have used a lot of improvement. There's a cringe worthy line uttered by a security guard when he sees Batman for the first time; you have to wonder if he'd been sleeping under a rock when he comes out with - "It's that human bat-guy"! Almost as cringe worthy as seeing Batman and the Joker yucking it up at the end over a stupid joke. When did that ever happen in the comics?


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