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3 Beats For Beatbox Flute By Greg Pattillo Pdf Download PORTABLE

The method is constructed cleanly enough - and with enough intelligent explanation - that it's moved beyond just a teaching method; any self-motivated player will be able to use and learn from this book. Essentially, Greg has elevated flute beatboxing to a versatile, fully-developed contemporary technique, making it easy and fun to learn while being even more thorough than one could hope. An impressive book.

3 beats for beatbox flute by greg pattillo pdf download


Anyone can learn to beatbox on their flute, and Greg Pattillo's Beatbox Method was conceived to be a guide on that journey. It is not enough to just learn some sounds and how to do them on the flute; one needs etudes to practice, works that can serve as building blocks as one's skills develop, and bits and pieces that, once learned, can be combined together to make great music.

This book covers five elements: learning basic beatbox sounds, combining them with the flute, using combinations of beatbox sounds to create patterns to play over, building beatbox patterns to fit melodies, and creating melodies or phrases to play over existing beatbox beats.

It is Greg's hope that you use this book as a springboard into daily musical creativity and exploration. This, in part, is why he emphasis 'vamps'; instead of learning only what's written, the idea is to take the elemental structure and apply it to your own musical ideas. By exploring basic rhythmic concepts we become better musicians on and off the page. By understanding how the different beatbox sounds serve basic roles in a measure, building complexity through repeats, as well as making up our own fills at the end of phrases, we can experience improvisation as a step-by-step process. Furthermore, by conceptualizing how to make these beatbox sounds, we learn quite a bit about how our air, throat, and mouth are used in tandem to play the flute.


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