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The Island (2005) Hindi Dubbed 720p: A Dystopian Adventure with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson

The Island (2005) Dual Audio 720p Resolution: A Review

If you are looking for a thrilling sci-fi action movie with a twist, you might want to check out The Island (2005), a film directed by Michael Bay and starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. This movie is available in dual audio, which means you can watch it in either Hindi or English, depending on your preference. In this article, we will review The Island (2005) dual audio 720p resolution, which is a high-quality format that offers clear and crisp images and sounds. We will also give you a brief summary of the plot, an analysis of the themes and techniques, and a recommendation and rating.

the island 2005 dual audio 720p resolution


What is The Island (2005)?

The Island (2005) is a sci-fi action movie that explores the ethical and moral implications of human cloning. It is set in a dystopian future where a group of people live in a secluded facility under strict rules and regulations. They are told that they are survivors of a global contamination and that they have to work hard to earn a chance to go to The Island, the only safe place left on Earth. However, they soon discover that they are actually clones who are being harvested for their organs by their wealthy sponsors. They decide to escape and expose the truth behind their existence.

Why watch The Island (2005) dual audio 720p resolution?

There are many reasons why you should watch The Island (2005) dual audio 720p resolution. Here are some of them:

  • You can enjoy the movie in your preferred language, whether it is Hindi or English.

  • You can appreciate the stunning visuals and effects of the movie in high definition.

  • You can immerse yourself in the thrilling and fast-paced story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  • You can witness the amazing chemistry and acting skills of Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, who play the main protagonists.

  • You can explore the intriguing themes and messages of the movie, such as identity, freedom, humanity, and morality.

Plot summary

The setting

The movie takes place in 2019, in a futuristic facility where hundreds of clones live under constant surveillance and control. They wear identical white uniforms, eat bland food, take pills every day, and undergo frequent health checks. They are not allowed to have any personal belongings, relationships, or emotions. They are taught to believe that they are special and lucky to be alive.

The characters

The main characters of the movie are Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) and Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson), two clones who share a bond of friendship and curiosity. Lincoln is restless and dissatisfied with his life in the facility. He has recurring nightmares and questions about his origin and purpose. Jordan is more obedient and content with her routine. She is selected to go to The Island after winning a lottery.

Other important characters are Merrick (Sean Bean), the director of the facility who oversees the cloning operation; Laurent (Djimon Hounsou), a security contractor who hunts down the escaped clones; Albert (Steve Buscemi), a technician who helps Lincoln and Jordan; Tom Lincoln (Ewan McGregor), the original human whom Lincoln was cloned from; Sarah Jordan (Scarlett Johansson), the original human whom Jordan was cloned from; and James McCord (Michael Clarke Duncan), another clone who tries to escape.

The conflict

The conflict of the movie arises when Lincoln discovers that he and his fellow clones are not really going to The Island, but rather to an operating room where they are killed for their organs. He also learns that he has a sponsor, Tom Lincoln, who paid for his creation. He decides to escape with Jordan before she is taken away. They manage to break out of the facility and enter the outside world, which is unfamiliar and dangerous to them.

Merrick sends Laurent and his team to capture them and bring them back alive. He also orders to terminate all the other clones in the facility to cover up his illegal activities. Lincoln and Jordan try to find Tom Lincoln and Sarah Jordan, hoping to get their help and expose Merrick's crimes. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and challenges, such as car chases, explosions, gunfights, helicopters, trains, motorcycles, boats, etc.

The resolution

The movie reaches its climax when Lincoln and Jordan confront Tom Lincoln and Sarah Jordan at their mansion. Tom Lincoln tries to kill Lincoln out of jealousy and fear, but Lincoln fights back and kills him instead. Sarah Jordan helps Jordan escape from Laurent's custody. Lincoln and Jordan then head to Merrick's facility with Tom Lincoln's ID card.

They infiltrate the facility and free all the other clones from their chambers. They also confront Merrick and kill him in a struggle. They then lead the clones to an exit door that opens to a natural landscape. They embrace each other as they see the sun for the first time.


The themes

The Island (2005) explores several themes that are relevant to our society today. Some of these themes are:

  • Identity: The movie questions what makes us who we are. Is it our genes, our memories, our choices, or our experiences? The clones struggle to find their own identity as they realize that they are copies of someone else. They also have to deal with their feelings of betrayal, confusion, anger, fear, and hope.

  • Freedom: The movie shows how freedom is essential for human dignity and happiness. The clones are deprived of their freedom by being treated as commodities rather than individuals. They long for freedom from their oppressive environment and seek to discover the world beyond their walls.

  • Humanity: The movie challenges what makes us human. Is it our biology, our consciousness, our emotions, or our morality? The clones are considered as less than human by their creators and exploiters. They have to prove their humanity by showing their courage, compassion, loyalty, love, etc.

  • Morality: The movie examines how morality is influenced by power, greed,

  • Ethics: The movie raises ethical issues regarding human cloning and organ harvesting. It exposes how these practices violate human rights and dignity. It also questions how far science should go in manipulating life.

The cinematography

The Island (2005) uses cinematography techniques to create contrast between different settings and moods. Some of these techniques are:

  • Color: The movie uses color schemes to differentiate between the facility and the outside world. The facility is mostly white, gray, and blue, creating a sterile, cold, and artificial atmosphere. The outside world is more colorful, vibrant, and natural, creating a lively, warm, and authentic atmosphere.

  • Lighting: The movie uses lighting effects to highlight the mood and tone of each scene. The facility is mostly bright, harsh, and uniform, creating a sense of exposure, control, and monotony. The outside world is more dark, soft, and varied, creating a sense of mystery, danger, and diversity.

  • Camera angles: The movie uses camera angles to emphasize the perspective and emotion of each character. The facility uses mostly high-angle shots, creating a sense of inferiority, vulnerability, and oppression. The outside world uses mostly low-angle shots, creating a sense of superiority, strength, and confidence.

  • Camera movement: The movie uses camera movement to create a sense of dynamism and tension. The facility uses mostly static and steady shots, creating a sense of stability, order, and boredom. The outside world uses mostly moving and shaky shots, creating a sense of chaos, action, and excitement.

The performances

The Island (2005) features some impressive performances by the cast, especially the lead actors. Some of their highlights are:

  • Ewan McGregor: He plays both Lincoln Six Echo and Tom Lincoln, showing his versatility and range. He portrays Lincoln Six Echo as a curious, brave, and compassionate hero, who grows from a naive and obedient clone to a rebellious and independent individual. He portrays Tom Lincoln as a selfish, arrogant, and cowardly villain, who contrasts with his clone counterpart.

  • Scarlett Johansson: She plays Jordan Two Delta, showing her charm and charisma. She portrays Jordan Two Delta as a loyal, kind, and adventurous heroine, who supports and loves Lincoln Six Echo. She also shows her physical skills and agility in the action scenes.

  • Sean Bean: He plays Merrick, showing his menace and authority. He portrays Merrick as a ruthless, greedy, and manipulative antagonist, who exploits and deceives the clones for his own benefit. He also shows his intelligence and cunning in trying to stop Lincoln and Jordan.

The soundtrack

The Island (2005) has a powerful and memorable soundtrack composed by Steve Jablonsky, who is part of Hans Zimmer's team of composers. The soundtrack consists of 15 tracks that combine orchestral and electronic elements. Some of the tracks are:

  • The Island Awaits You: This is the main theme of the movie, which introduces the acoustic guitar motif and the sub-theme. It plays over the opening credits and sets the tone for the movie.

  • My Name is Lincoln: This is the most popular track of the soundtrack, which features a soaring and heroic rendition of the main theme. It plays during the final scene when Lincoln and Jordan lead the clones to freedom.

  • Where Do These Tubes Go?: This is a suspenseful and dramatic track that plays when Lincoln discovers the truth about The Island and decides to escape with Jordan.

  • Mass Vehicular Carnage: This is an intense and energetic track that plays during one of the most spectacular action sequences of the movie, when Lincoln and Jordan are chased by Laurent's team on a highway.

  • Blow: This is a rock song performed by The Prom Kings that plays during the end credits of the movie.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, The Island (2005) dual audio 720p resolution is a great option for sci-fi action fans who want to enjoy a thrilling and thought-provoking movie in high quality. The movie has an engaging plot, stunning visuals, amazing performances, and a powerful soundtrack. The movie also explores themes such as identity, freedom, humanity, morality, and ethics.

Recommendation and rating

We highly recommend The Island (2005) dual audio 720p resolution to anyone who likes sci-fi action movies with a twist. We give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars for its entertainment value and its message. If you want to watch The Island (2005), you can download it from any of these links: , , , or .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Island (2005) based on a book?

No, The Island (2005) is not based on a book. However, some critics have noted that it has similarities with other works of fiction, such as Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, The Clonus Horror by Robert S. Fiveson, Logan's Run by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, etc.

  • Is The Island (2005) a remake?

No, The Island (2005) is not a remake. However, some critics have accused it of being a rip-off of The Clonus Horror (1979), a low-budget sci-fi movie that has almost the same plot and premise as The Island (2005). In fact, the makers of The Clonus Horror sued DreamWorks for plagiarism and settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

  • Is The Island (2005) a sequel?

No, The Island (2005) is not a sequel. It is a standalone movie that does not have any connection with any other movie or franchise.

  • Is The Island (2005) realistic?

No, The Island (2005) is not realistic. It is a sci-fi movie that uses fictional technology and scenarios to create a dystopian future. However, some aspects of the movie are based on real scientific research and ethical debates regarding human cloning and organ transplantation.

  • Is The Island (2005) worth watching?

Yes, The Island (2005) is worth watching. It is an entertaining and thought-provoking movie that offers a lot of action, suspense, drama, romance, humor, and emotion. It also raises important questions about our society and our humanity.


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