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IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 Sound Library (SOUNDBANK) !!LINK!!

Sampletank 2 has come a long way since its inception in 2000. It's asoftware-based sample player that operates as a VST, DXi, RTAS, MAS andAudio Units plug-in under Mac OS and Windows operation systems. It shipswith a library of about 4.5 GigaBytes of sampled sounds including Bass,Brass, Drums, Ethnic, Guitars, Loops, Orchestral, Organs, Percussion,Piano, Strings, Synths, Vocals, Woods and Winds. That about covers thewhole gamut of sounds you would want from any sample-player! Sampletank2 also introduces STRETCH (Sampletank Time REsynthesis TeCHnology) whichgives complete sonic control over the tempo, pitch and harmonics ofsamples for excellent sample pitch transposing and loop synchronizationto your host program's tempo.

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 Sound Library (SOUNDBANK)

Although not as in-depth or complex as a GigaStudio,Sampletank does offer the software-based musician everything he/shewould want in a do-it-all instrument. Each instance of the plug-inoffers 16 parts. You can assign any sound in its library to each part tocreate richly layered sounds, an entire band ensemble or even anentire orchestra! Each of these parts can be assigned to any MIDIchannel (1 to 16) so you can have independent control over each sound orcontrol multiple parts at the same time. Each part also featuresindependent solo and mute buttons, panning, volume and outputassignments (up to 16 audio outputs available). This allows forextremely flexible creation of ensembles, multi-patches, layered soundsand performance oriented patches that can be stored and recalled at theclick of a button (and a little bit of a wait as the samples are loadedinto memory).

SampleTank VST is an impressive and professional grade sound workstation that allows you to add as well as edit sounds of multiple instruments in order to create unique audio projects. It lets the professionals to compose as well as mix the music. This application can be used as a standalone tool or plugin plus it contains an extensive library with a very high quality sound samples, three synthesizing as well as loads of built-in DSP effects. You can also download Exhale Vocal Engine VST KONTAKT Library.

Amped Studio is a powerful online DAW. It has a large number of virtual instruments, effects and a sound library. The program also provides a function for determining the pitch and rhythm, which allow you to record midi and audio content on the same track.

MAGIX Music Maker is a simple DAW helping you to create new beats quickly and easily. The software is good for beginners and has an extensive sound library and various loops, while it does not require knowledge of music theory.

LABS is another free sampling-based beatmaking software. The program offers a wide range of high quality sounds. At the same time, the library is constantly evolving, and new sounds are added to it almost monthly.

With desirable features, a vast sound library, and great sounding studio effects with a built in DAW, the IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2 the all in one orchestral plugin that lets your vision easily come to life with real human expression.


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