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Buy A Nissan Get One Free

Customer Promise Customer Promise Customer promise Nissan EV Certified Dealer Nissan EV Certified Dealer This dealer is certified to sell and fully service all Nissan EVs. Based on latest available list of certified dealers at the time of posting. Business Certified (NCV) Business Certified (NCV) The dealer is authorized to sell, offer exclusive commercial incentives and service all Nissan commercial vehicles, including NV cargo, NV passenger and NV200 compact cargo vans. Based on latest available dealers at time of posting. To learn more go to:

buy a nissan get one free


Nissan announced a new customer focused initiative at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. EV Carefree+ will seek to make electric vehicle ownership as effortless as possible and is based on four key pillars of customer support.

Outside of an expansive selection of Nissan vehicles, all at prices that work for you, Lokey Nissan is also proud to be the home of Clearwater's most welcoming and knowledgeable staff of automotive experts. Whether you are just interested in learning more about the vehicle that fits your unique needs or you are ready to take the next step toward your automotive future, you can always count on our team to be there to help guide you along the way in a stress-free and low-pressure manner.

Anytime during our normal operating hours. We always have a friendly and helpful car consultant available to help you find the right car or truck that fits your routine. Feel free to stop by at any convenient time for you, or give us a call at 727-766-0821 to schedule an appointment so we can be ready to drive the car you're looking at when you get here. Either way, you'll find that shopping at Lokey Nissan is always a pleasant and convenient experience.

Additionally, the first 10,000 reservations made before Jan. 31, 2022 will qualify for a two year free EVgo membership plus $500 in charging credits upon purchase3. That's worth up to an estimated 5,000 miles of EV driving for the Ariya Venture+.4

For more information about our products, services and commitment to sustainable mobility, visit You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and see all our latest videos on YouTube.

I have a 2013 Sentra. Back in October of 2016 my car had around 26k-28k on it and the transmission literally went dead when I pulled into the Nissan Dealership. They fixed it at no charge because I was within my warranty period and the car was running great again. It is now April 2019 and my car only has 48k on it and the transmission went out again on the freeway which is totally bs because it was just fixed less than 2 years ago. Will the dealership be able to fix it again at no charge? My car is now past the 60 month mark but under 60k miles?

I bought my 2016 Altima with 39k miles 2 years ago. I am currently at 61,800 so i am 1800 over my warranty. I started experiencing the same symptoms others have mentioned so i took the car to the nissan dealership. I have just received word that I need a new transmission. The price of repair is $3400. I got word through the dealership that nissan would pay 50% of it. I honestly dont know if that is all i can get because i feel they should cover all of it considering how much of an issue this CVT transmission is for so many people. I have been going back and forth with them trying to see if they can cover more.

nissan sentra 2014 with 80k miles on, died randomly in the highway.driving the car felt like driving pushing a walmart cart. now im without a car and waiting for nissan reply as its obvious that the transmision died

Yes, they might tell you to get lost (or worse), and may laugh about your chutzpah later with their co-workers, but they might also be so keen to seal the deal that they hand over as many freebies as your new car can carry off the lot. Check out the list below of free goods and services that customers have managed to get from their local dealerships just by asking for them.

A car care kit is a handy thing to have sitting in your vehicle, regardless of whether you manage to persuade your dealership to give you a free one, or if you go out and buy one for yourself. They usually contain cleaning equipment, helping owners to keep their new cars looking new for as long possible, as well as products which can cover up dents and scratches, at least until you can get to a repair shop. Some might even contain top-ups of windscreen washer fluid, which is often something people forget to have in their trunk.

An extended warranty is often one of those extras that you have to pay for once you think that the deal has been agreed upon, signed, and delivered. Whether you bother paying for the extended warranty or pushing to get one for free depends on your opinion of the salesman, and your assessment of the car, especially a secondhand one. Consumers will usually get a limited warranty with every car, covering any breakdowns within a set period, but there are often ways for the dealership to try and wriggle out of paying for the work anyway, such as insisting that the damage was caused by the driver, not general wear and tear.

Service maintenance plans are very much like extended warranties in that dealerships selling new cars will often try and push consumers to buy them as part of the deal. However, there is no harm in asking your local dealership if there is any chance of getting some kind of service maintenance plan thrown into the deal as a bonus. This means that the dealership, or their recommended repair shop, will carry out tune-ups and fix any problems, but it does also mean that you cannot go to any other garage as that may void the plan (and undo all your hard work in negotiating the free deal).

Scam Alert: Beware of promotions like "Buy One Car, Get One Free". These typically result in wildly overpaying for a nice car in order to get a free beater car that was bought at an auction. 041b061a72


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