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Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell

Armaan Malik - You (Lyrics) All I Do Is Think About You...

It's also about breaking the stereotypes that we have around the world that Asian music is just within Asia and it won't grow outside. I want to take that with India and Indian music and want it to go global, which is why I feel like collaborations in the nature of 'Echo' and many more that will come in the future will make a difference not only to me but to the entire scene. I think Asian artists will be looked at very differently in the next few years.

Armaan Malik - You (Lyrics) | All I do is think about you...

A lot of people think that musicians are probably just locked in the studio and doing music. Actually, that would be an ideal scenario but with technology, and with social media, there's so much more that is happening around music. It's not just about singing or just about making music, it's all these ancillary things that kind of add to the music and that consumes a lot of energy and time. I think it's very important for all the artists that might be reading and that relate to what I'm saying: It's okay to take that day off. It's fine, nothing's going to change.

We were always in front of cameras, and this often made us think, "Did we really debut?" We often talked about how to greet our fans when we got to see them, but everybody had no idea because nobody had any experience talking to a fan in real life.

Last year, in an interview to Pinkvilla, Armaan Malik, who started working at the age of 9, opened up about battling depression and revealed that when he came out of his low phase, he unfollowed a few people on social media. "Heartbreaks does not happen only in terms of love, your heart can be broken and be sad for a number of things. I was also going through a number of things emotionally and work-wise. I felt 2018 was not that great year for me which is why I started travelling, just spending some time alone, just trying to explore things. I am working since the age of 9 and I feel that somewhere I haven't enjoyed my life much. I think a lot of it stems from social media when you see other people posting," he told the publication and added: "After I got out of the low phase, I unfollowed people I did not want to see on a daily basis... The only place I feel I will get love is my fans." 041b061a72


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