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Leo Morgan
Leo Morgan

Painting Vibrant Watercolors. Discover The Magi...

Much more than a gallery, Artists' Showplace is the venue of choice for some of the country's premier painting workshops. These workshops are offered throughout the year and are taught by some of the most prominent art teachers in the U.S. and beyond. We welcome artists of all skill levels from far and wide to come to our gallery to create and learn. So meet us for a class. Join us for a show and discover one of Dallas' finest galleries that's not just a gallery.

Painting Vibrant Watercolors. Discover the Magi...

Viviva Colorsheets - Watercolor paints in the form of papers! Shockingly vibrant & long lasting. Viviva Watercolor Pans - Paints on a CORK palette! They are lightfast & 100% biodegradable. Viviva Travel Paint Kits - Everything you need to paint in one beautiful kit. Viviva Sketchbooks - Cotton & Ivory sketchbooks designed specially for watercolor painting & sketching.

We have just discovered wet on wet watercolor painting. Our stockmar watercolors arrived just last week. I love the gentle guiding with the poem. I will be searching for poems now to use with my girls. Just beuatiful. Thanks for sharing.

I've always dreamed of discovering and painting 'off the grid' locations around The Holy Land.I want to share that experience with you.Now offering private field trips to budding artists. If you'd enjoy a destination art lesson on Israel's history-saturated trails or in front of her holy vistas, please join me.

Since 1882 Prang Art & Craft solutions maintained an uncompromised quality to ignite the passion of our valued creative customers. Release the inner artist with this vibrant watercolors master pack! Enjoy the authentic semi-moist watercolors since 1856, with intense wax free pigments you will experience a smooth laydown of brilliant colors with limitless textures. This ultra washable formula easily washes off hands and most clothing for a hassle free painting experience in the classroom and the living room as well! This watercolor set includes a strong case with built-in mixing areas along with a top quality paintbrush. No wonder it is the most trusted brand by teachers nationwide. AP certified Non Toxic

Gregor had not so much exhausted the expressive potentialof corncribs as he had discovered a more meaningful strategy for bringingvisual and aesthetic coherence to his consideration of the great Midwest.And the inspiration for that discovery came from an unexpected source. Whilerummaging through a flea market in 1972, he picked up an empty cornmealbag, whose logo was a highly schematic aerial view of what easily couldhave been an Illinois farmhouse and outbuildings (fig. 4). Drawn to thesimplicity of the trademarked image, Gregor appropriated the plunging birds-eyeview of the barnyard almost verbatim in a painting he called Flatscape#1 (fig. 5). [16]

Gregor continues to paint his aerial views of the farmcountry near Bloomington, steadily turning out two or three large IllinoisFlatscapes each year. To his Illinois Landscapes, which now numberupward of 200 large format canvases (and hundreds more smaller paintingsand watercolors), he added a Trail Series in the mid 1990s, basedon his walks along a nearby woodland path, and a Left-Right VibrascapeSeries, which he started in 2004. The relative freedom of compositionand brushwork that characterizes these last two bodies of work might suggesta departure from the focused quest for order that has been so much a partof his mission as a landscapist. And in a way, it is. But the bold colorof Illinois Landscape #185 (Trail Series) (see cat. no. xx) and IllinoisLandscape #189 (Left-Right Vibrascape) (see cat. no. xx) is certainlyno more vibrant than in some of his Illinois Flatscapes. And if hiswoodland subjects and imaginative vistas appear to give into the chaos ofuncultivated nature, you might look again. After thirty-five years of makingrational aesthetic order to parallel the order of modern agriculture thatsurrounds him on four sides, Gregor has accepted an even greater challengein the Trail Series and the Left-Right Vibrascapes: isolatingvisual coherence where you might say none exists. 041b061a72


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