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Hud Home Buying Programs


Hud Home Buying Programs

In addition to all the programs, HUD funds approved housing counseling agencies throughout the country that can provide advice on many housing-related topics, including buying a home. Use this map to find one in your state.

When homeowners default on their FHA loan, HUD takes ownership of the property, because HUD oversees the FHA loan program. These properties are called either HUD homes or HUD real estate owned (REO) property.

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) homeownership program allows families that are assisted under the HCV program to use their voucher to buy a home and receive monthly assistance in meeting homeownership expenses. While the HCV homeownership regulations contemplate a downpayment grant option (where the PHA offers a single downpayment assistance grant to the family instead of a monthly homeownership subsidy), funding has not been appropriated for this purpose and this regulatory provision has never been implemented.

The HCV homeownership program is available only to families that have been admitted to the HCV program and it is not offered by every Public Housing Agency (PHA). PHAs have the discretion to determine whether to implement the HCV homeownership program in their jurisdictions. To find a PHA in your area that may administer an HCV homeownership program, you may use the homeownership enrollments report below. For contact information of all PHAs by State, not only PHAs administering an HCV homeownership program, click here.

To participate in the HCV homeownership program, the HCV family must meet specific income and employment requirements (the employment requirement does not apply to elderly and disabled families), be a first-time homeowner as defined in the regulation, attend and satisfactorily complete the pre-assistance homeownership, and housing counseling program required by the PHA, and meet any additional eligibility requirements set by the PHA.

HCV Homeownership Webinar - In this one-hour webinar, housing industry panelists provide information to assist PHAs in developing successful relationships with lenders, utilizing down payment assistance and other financial resources for home buyers, and addressing the affordability gap to maintain and expand the HCV homeownership program.

View HUD's showcase of exemplary HOME projects and programs. These profiles highlight the best of what partnerships between federal, state, local governments, and communities can achieve with HOME funds.

To qualify, the buyer must obtain a fixed-rate first trust deed loan; have adequate income, a good credit rating; and provide a minimum down payment of 3 percent. Applicants also must attend a homebuyer education class and pre-purchase counseling.

Buying a home is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be. Your HUD-approved housing counseling agency can be available every step of the way, with information and answers regarding every step in the purchase of your first home. Consulting with your housing counselor, you'll have the knowledge - and confidence - to help you make the right moves on your way to that big move.

Find out if you're ready to buy a new home now, or what you need to do to get there.- Get a close look at your financial picture- Understand your credit score and how to improve it- Create a realistic budget that takes into account the costs of owning a home

This is the fun part! But before you go on open houses, you need to know what to shop for. You've got a lot of choices to make, and a lot to take into consideration here.- Target price range- Location of your home- What type of home is best for you- Weighing needs vs. wants

Section 215(b) of the National Affordable Housing Act (NAHA) requires that the initial purchase price or after-rehabilitation value of homeownership units assisted with HOME funds not exceed 95 percent of the area median purchase price for single family housing, as determined by HUD. Historically, HUD used the FHA Single F


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