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Julian Flores
Julian Flores

Windows 95 Img Dosbox Download And Setl

Hi, Tony! Found on YouTube video how to install windows 95 dosbox to be as an alternative, you can try to do the same at the Magic dosbox, here is the link =cPq3_m5MGAIand a link to useful files for windows

Windows 95 Img Dosbox Download And Setl


The "credible" program is a calculator which processes conventional statistics to improve estimates of relative risks. To install "credible" (windows only), download the executable file (setupcrediblec.exe) and then click on it. This installs the program "credible" and its required parameter file. Also downloadable are the source code (credallfortran.f90) and parameters (credparams.txt). Those who wish to avoid downloading an executable or who wish to modify the program, can download the Fortran 90 file. The parameters must then be downloaded to the same folder as the Fortran 90 file. The source code can then be compiled with a Fortran compiler to give a command line version of the program that can run on any operating system (MS-DOS, Linux, Mac). A Linux version of the compiled program is available on request to:


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