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Damien Rice - 9 2006.rar.rar 18 WORK

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Damien Rice - 9 2006.rar.rar 18

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Bayot, Mathieu; Mouret, Jean-Claude; Hammond, Roy and Nougarèdes, Brigitte(2008)Formation professionnelle et recherche participative : Actions combinées pour développer la riziculture biologique en Camargue (France). [Professional training and participatory research: Combined actions for developing organic rice farming in the Camargue region of France.]DinABio-Colloque national sur les recherches en Agriculture Biologique, Montpellier, France.

Bénard, Marc; Baudry, Julia; Méjean, Caroline; Lairon, Denis; Giudici, Kelly Virecoulon; Etilé, Fabrice; Reach, Gérard; Hercberg, Serge; Kesse-Guyot, Emmanuelle; Péneau, Sandrine and Giudici, Kelly(2018)Association between time perspective and organic food consumption in a large sample of adults.Nutrition Journal, pp. 1-10.

Bosseaux, Jessica; Aurier, Philippe and François-Heude, Alain(2019)The Effects of Organic Label on Marketing Performance (Prices, Sales, and Margins). [Les Effets du Label Bio sur la Performance Marketing (Prix, ventes et marges).]170th European Association of Agricultural Economists Seminar (EAAE170), Montpellier, France.

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Cardona, Aurélie; Chrétien, Fanny; Leroux, Benoît and Ripoll, Fabrice(2014)Dynamiques des agricultures biologiques. Effets de contexte et appropriations : Introduction. In: Dynamiques des agricultures biologiques. Effets de contexte et appropriations. Editions Quae Educagri Editions, p. 260.

Carlin, A.; Mouret, J.C.; Dreyfus, Fabrice and Hammond, Roy(2004)Riziculture biologique et maîtrise des mauvaises herbes en Camargue : questionnements et débats techniques, diversité des pratiques et premiers résultats de recherche.HAL CCSD.

Charon, Mathilde; Deniau, Marie; Robin, Diane and Marchand, Patrice A.(2021)The Constant And Necessary Reduction Of Residues In Eu From Of/Op Plant Protection. Paper at:Organic World Congress 2021, Science Forum: 6th ISOFAR Conference co-organised with INRA, FiBL, Agroecology Europe, TP Organics and ITAB, Rennes, France, 8 - 10 September, 2021.[Completed]

Coll, Patrice; Le Cadre, Edith; Blanchart, Eric; Hinsinger, Philippe and Villenave, Cecile(2011)Organic viticulture and soil quality: a long-term study in Southern France.Applied Soil Ecology, pp. 37-44.

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Corre, Tifenn; Monier-Dilhan, Sylvette and Regolo, Julie(2021)La qualité à quel prix ? La disposition à payer des consommateurs pour les fromages AOP et AB. [Quality at what price? Consumers' willingness to pay for PDO and organic labeled cheeses.] Working paper.

Costantini, Edoardo A.C.; Priori, Simone; Giffard, Brice; Fulchin, Emma; Tardaguila, Javier; Schroers, Hans-Josef; Pelengic, Radojko; Akça, Erhan; Tangolar, Semih and Valboa, Giuseppe(2018)Causes of soil malfunctioning in degraded areas of european and turkish vineyards.EQA (Imola) : environmental quality;qualité de l'Environnement;qualità ambientale, pp. 15-22.

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Dransfield, Eric; Ngapo, Tania; Nielsen, Niels-Asger; Bredahl, Lone; Sjöden, Per-Olow; Magnusson, Maria; Campo, Mari-Mar and Nute, Geoffrey(2005)Consumer choice and suggested price for pork as influenced by its appearance, taste and information concerning country of origin and organic pig production.Meat Science, pp. 61-70.

Espesson Vergeat, Béatrice and Berger, Tristan(2014)Les produits de santé : synthèse de l'actualité juridique 2013.Journal de médecine légale, droit médical, victimologie, dommage corporel, pp. 65-79.

Falconnier, Gatien; Mouret, Jean-Claude and Hammond, Roy(2012)Des canards pour désherber les rizières : une intégration agriculture-élevage prometteuse pour les riziculteurs biologiques camarguais. [Ducks to weed rice fields: a promising crop-animal farming for Camargue organic rice producers.]1. Conférence internationale sur les systèmes de production rizicole biologique, Montpellier, France.

Florence, Ana Carolina; Béal, Catherine; Claro Da Silva, Roberta and Nogueira Oliveira, Marice(2014)Survival of three Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis strains is related to trans-vaccenic and a-linolenic acids contents in organic fermented milks.LWT - Food Science and Technology, pp. 260-295.

Florence, Ana Carolina; De Oliveira, Marice; Delile, Armelle and Béal, Catherine(2016)Survival of Bifidobacterium strains in organic fermented milk is improved as a result of membrane fatty acid composition.International Dairy Journal, pp. 1-9.

Fontaine, Laurence; Fourrié, L.; Garnier, J.F.; Mangin, M.; Colomb, Bruno; Carof, Matthieu; Aveline, A.; Prieur, L.; Quirin, T.; Chareyron, B.; Maurice, R. and Gouraud, J.P.(2012)Connaître, caractériser et évaluer les rotations en systèmes de grandes cultures biologiques.Innovations Agronomiques, pp. 27-40.

Hort, Vincent; Nicolas, Marina; Minvielle, Brice; Maleix, Corentin; Desbourdes, Caroline; Hommet, Frédéric; Dragacci, Sylviane; Dervilly-Pinel, Gaud; Engel, Erwan and Guérin, Thierry(2018)Ochratoxin A determination in swine muscle and liver from French conventional or organic farming production systems.Journal of Chromatography B - Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, pp. 131-137.

Centrosomes are the main microtubule-organizing centers of animal cells. Although centrosome aberrations are common in tumors, their consequences remain subject to debate. Here, we studied the impact of structural centrosome aberrations, induced by deregulated expression of ninein-like protein (NLP), on epithelial spheres grown in Matrigel matrices. We demonstrate that NLP-induced structural centrosome aberrations trigger the escape ("budding") of living cells from epithelia. Remarkably, all cells disseminating into the matrix were undergoing mitosis. This invasive behavior reflects a novel mechanism that depends on the acquisition of two distinct properties. First, NLP-induced centrosome aberrations trigger a re-organization of the cytoskeleton, which stabilizes microtubules and weakens E-cadherin junctions during mitosis. Second, atomic force microscopy reveals that cells harboring these centrosome aberrations display increased stiffness. As a consequence, mitotic cells are pushed out of mosaic epithelia, particularly if they lack centrosome aberrations. We conclude that centrosome aberrations can trigger cell dissemination through a novel, non-cell-autonomous mechanism, raising the prospect that centrosome aberrations contribute to the dissemination of metastatic cells harboring normal centrosomes. 2018 The Authors. Published under the terms of the CC BY NC ND 4.0 license.

We previously reported a stem cell related HOX gene signature associated with resistance to chemo-radiotherapy (TMZ/RT- > TMZ) in glioblastoma. However, underlying mechanisms triggering overexpression remain mostly elusive. Interestingly, HOX genes are neither involved in the developing brain, nor expressed in normal brain, suggestive of an acquired gene expression signature during gliomagenesis. HOXA genes are located on CHR 7 that displays trisomy in most glioblastoma which strongly impacts gene expression on this chromosome, modulated by local regulatory elements. Furthermore we observed more pronounced DNA methylation across the HOXA locus as compared to non-tumoral brain (Human methylation 450K BeadChip Illumina; 59 glioblastoma, 5 non-tumoral brain sampes). CpG probes annotated for HOX-signature genes, contributing most to the variability, served as input into the analysis of DNA methylation and expression to identify key regulatory regions. The structural similarity of the observed correlation matrices between DNA methylation and gene expression in our cohort and an independent data-set from TCGA (106 glioblastoma) was remarkable (RV-coefficient, 0.84; p-value


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