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Twitter Client For Mac [2021]

TweetDeck is the official client by Twitter that is intended towards marketers, publishers, and power-users. The interface is condensed into four vertical columns that give you a list of your feed, notifications, messages, and worldwide trends. You can add new columns easily. This layout allows you to multiple interests simultaneously.

Twitter Client For Mac

Neptune is a sleek Twitter client for Mac that tries to match the Apple design scheme and offers a consistent look. The interface is streamlined and you get minimal obstructions. The like, retweet, and reply buttons are tiny but pushed to the side to offer a cleaner look. The tweet cards have rounded edges that look modern and blend well with the macOS design language.

Tweetbot 3 is a beautifully designed Twitter client for Macs that prioritizes usability and aesthetics. The app has a dark mode that blends well with macOS design, videos and GIFs that play automatically on hovering, custom timelines, and advanced filters.

From time to time, a user, hashtag, or phrase may temporarily take over your timeline. Tweetbot includes a feature called Muting, which removes tweets completely from your timeline based on person, keyword, hashtag, or even Twitter client, for durations of a day, a week, a month, or forever.

To focus on the most important priorities, Twitter directed its attention to the core clients it would invest in strategically. This led to our Responsive Web codebase being the spearhead for all platforms via web browsers plus iOS and Android codebases as targeted strategic platform investments. We now had a strategy to effectively expand Twitter's reach with Web as a Progressive Web App (PWA) that could become our installable app for Windows and the lightweight Twitter Lite for Android -- one codebase, multiple clients. The refocused priorities also meant sunsetting Twitter for Mac, Twitter for Windows, Twitter for Windows Phone, Twitter for Xbox One, Twitter for Samsung Tablets, Twitter for Google TV and other clients.

The new Twitter for Mac app will use our existing iOS codebase, rather than being built from a separate codebase, following the same successful strategy we've used with Web to expand our supported clients. By supporting key Mac-specific behaviors on top of our iOS code, we will be able to maintain feature parity across our iOS and Mac apps with relatively low long term maintenance costs.

As a Mac user, you're better off using a dedicated Mac client, preferably one that integrates with the operating system with notifications and other advanced features. We'll cover the best options for using Twitter on your Mac.

Tweetbot is what the official Twitter app tried to be. Not only is it packed full of nifty features, and not only is it updated regularly to keep up with Twitter's changing API, but it has the cleanest and most modern interface of any Twitter client on macOS.

Twitterrific pioneered the idea of a Twitter client, and it's nothing short of remarkable that it's still alive and kicking today. Twitter debuted in March 2006 and Twitterrific launched less than a year later in January 2007. How's that for longevity?

Tweeten is the best free Twitter client for Mac, bar none. It's actually based on TweetDeck, which is how it can claim to do everything that TweetDeck does plus a bunch of other tasks that TweetDeck can't do.

Echofon is a fantastic choice when you need a powerful client but want it as minimal as possible. There's no bloat, no excessive interface options, and no clutter to distract you or overwhelm you. It's a distillation of your Twitter feed that doesn't sacrifice anything.

Earlier, in July 2021, Twitter announced that it has started rolling out a redesigned version of its TweetDeck Twitter client, which it has been working on since 2020. According to Twitter, the new design was meant to better align with the design of the Twitter websites and mobile apps, incorporating more functionality.

Tweetie was a client for the social networking website Twitter. There is a mobile version that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and a desktop version runs on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion (respectively 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7).

Since 2007, Twitterrific helped define the shape of the Twitter experience. It was the first desktop client, the first mobile client, one of the very first apps in the App Store, an Apple Design award winner, and it even helped redefine the word "tweet" in the dictionary. Ollie, Twitterrific's bluebird mascot, was so popular it even prompted Twitter themselves to later adopt a bluebird logo of their very own. Our little app made a big dent on the world!

While this chapter may have ended, our story is not over. We'll continue improving our other apps, creating new apps, doing amazing design work for our clients, and posting awesome wallpapers to Wallaroo and Patreon.

When testing your App Card, make sure that the app is publicly available in an app store, otherwise we will not be able to pull its information. By default we search the US store, so if your app is in a different country, be sure to define this with the twitter:app:country meta tag.

To sum up, Tweetbot is a nicely executed Twitter client, but with a few annoying, if minor, omissions and needless complications. And for those who crave the best possible multi-column support, Tweetbot is probably not your answer. But it looks and feels like a true Mac app, unlike TweetDeck.

What about Echofon, here: Clean interface, rather stable and fairly good value for money at $10 (well, $9.99).And it will sync among various devices, as the client exists on iPad, iPhone, Android and Mac...Am quite happy and not linked to it in any way.Massimo from Italy but living in Belgium

In the absence of official word from the company, developers and other interested parties have wondered aloud whether Elon Musk, who bought Twitter and is remaking it in his own edgelord image, could be stupid enough to disable or discontinue the Twitter API, the mechanism through which third-party clients access Twitter data.

But speculation about the death of the Twitter API is premature, based on the fact that some clients on specific platforms continue to function. Twitterrific for macOS, Spring for macOS and iOS, Fenix for iOS, and Aviary 2 for iOS and macOS continue to work, apparently. 350c69d7ab


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