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Congratulations! You have found the best resource for Pure, Essential Oils and Organic and Natural Home & Beauty Products. This is our new site look and I am open to any criticism or suggestions...

I have spent many years studying and learning about how essential oils and natural toxin free home and beauty products can better our lives. In fact, I started Ecobaby Organics and Pure-Rest Organic Bedding Co in 1992 to make the world safer.

Our organic baby and bedding items will help you make your bedroom and home, a safe haven where your body can rebuild, restore, and breathe. Our Austin Air Air filters will help keep your air clean and healthy, Our Earthweave Natural Wool Carpets will offer luxury while maintaining good indoor air quality. When covid hit, we started making organic face masks to further protect your family. Now enjoy our Pure EMF protection products to help our bodies deal with EMF pollution. Our organic certifications, and our added testing, ensures purity in all our organic bedding products. 

Our focus has always been purity. We like the fact they are eco, or good for our planet, but our main focus is when it gets to you, it is PURE. Free from any toxic chemicals like perfumes, hand lotions, deodorant, or other things most employees would wear. Thus we only have our in-house pure clean persons working here. 

Now I am educating and sharing all kinds of natural, organic home & beauty products with YOU. With a wide variety of therapeutic-grade essential oils as well as organic bedding and clothing, Healthy Body Head to Toe is here to share the life-enhancing benefits of these natural organic home & beauty products with you.

I did my research, as always. I found that essential oils by doTERRA are the most potent and purest available. Just like the research I did to create our organic textile lines. In fact, since I have a long 20 year plus history in the organic market, I can see doTERRA exceeds those weak organic standards, just like our organic bedding has always well exceeded weak governmental standards.

Better than all of this, are the benefits you get with a doTERRA wholesale account. You get manufacturer direct, you get bonuses, free products, and huge discounts on doTERRA and on my organic bedding products. Best of all, you get me, a Certified Essential Oils Coach, and Organic Guru. I am here to help you with your health issues.

Let me help you on your journey to wellness and comfort. 😊 No one should have to suffer.

My goal is to help empower YOU to take charge of YOUR life. Learn what your options are, and find out how to get the most for your money.

So, I run events to help YOU learn about each set of tools that are available for various issues you may experience. I discuss how natural products are better for your body, what they actually do, how they reduce your toxic load.

Feel Free to text me YOUR request for any specific talks. I get my information from my numerous Essential Oil Trainings, my 30 years of experience in the natural and organic textiles field, and the wonderful studies that are coming out frequently about oils, herbs, lifestyle, products, chemicals, and toxins.

Click below and browse our different available dates to learn more about Organic Textiles and Essential Oils and how they can benefit you!

Join us online to learn how potent pure Organics and Essential Oils are changing lives! From weight management, stress, sleep issues, to burns, skins issues and immune support, Organic Products and Essential Oils can provide relief and make our lives so much better! No obligation, so come learn and bring your friends. If you would like to have a sample of oils, or swatches or our organics, sent to you before event, select that option as well.

For more information on our essential oils, organic bedding and clothing, or any of our natural home and beauty products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you start your journey to become a healthier you!

Notes on our Events: Health is achieved in many ways-Diet, exercise, herbs, oils, reduction of toxins... So we give you the tools to help you in your journey to wellness. We teach you where the toxins are, how to reduce toxins, how to replace products you currently rely on, while saving you money. How to discern fraudulent products from the real thing, and make real changes in your life. In fact, you can learn a lot from our YOUTUBE channel, or feel free to call. 

We have weekly Free online classes where you can simply view, or participate and ask questions of our team of experts. 

I am Ginny, Founder, and I started manufacturing organic textiles in 1992. In my long journey from fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, and multiple chemical sensitivity while overcoming the difficulties of a birth defect in my eyes, I also learned how to use the power of plants in my life. I learned how to use herbs and oils and was certified as an Essential Oil Coach and Expert. I am sharing my knowledge with others in the hope of helping the world be the best it can be.

p.s. I managed to be symptom-Free from Fibromyalgia by simply reducing my toxic load. 

How can YOU change YOUR life?

For Health Products, keep reading. Or go to our organic textile categories above to reduce toxins in your bedroom. To learn about toxins, read the book Nontoxic, Natural, and Earthwise by Debra Lynn Dadd

Ginny Edmunds - Certified Essential Oil Coach and 28 Years of Organic Textile Manufacturing

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