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How to Use Essential Oils Most Effectively

Essential oils are wonderful and can really enhance your life, your energy, your mood. They solve lifes issues (big and small), and they help your body operate efficiently with their high antioxidant and other benefits of these tiny little drops of molecules.

You do need to use them properly.

  1. You need to choose the right oil brand. They need to be very pure, and taken from potent plants (not just any plant growing wherever). This is why I chose doTERRA. I love that they scour the globe for the most potent plants with the molecular structure they need for medicinal benefits. ie. If you want to help your skin heal faster, you will need that potent set of natural chemicals to help your body heal. I also love that they have all their reports of the chemical makeup of each batch, available at so I can be sure of it's potency.

  2. It has to be used correctly. For instance, did you know that when you apply an oil straight on your skin, most of that oil flashes off into the air and is wasted? So how can we get better results? We simply use a carrier oil to help it stay on the skin as it absorbs. What is the proper dilution? Simple, if you want a drop of oil on your skin, then you use a drop of the essential oil and whatever amount of carrier oil you want. Remember that only 10% of the essential oil applied to the skin absorbs into your body. when used with a carrier oil. So you may need more drops. If you use it internally, you get all the oil absorbed so it is efficient but not necessarily the best thing if the cut is on your hand... Lastly, if you are using a diffuser to put the oil into the air, you usually want 5 essential oil drops total in your diffuser.

  3. You have to adjust the essential oil quantity for sensitive, young and elderly people, as well as for pets.

  4. You have to choose the right essential oil for the current issue. This can be difficult as we are all so different. Members on my doTERRA team have access to thousands of other avid users of the oils and a larger user driven app peer group to help make the proper choices and adjust when necessary. When you are on a team, as a wholesale product user, you get the benefits the team offers, whether you buy once a year or every month.

  5. You have to have the raw materials in your body so the essential oils have something to support. For instance, let's say I want to develop more muscle. I can use oils to help, but if I am not eating proteins, I am going to find it difficult to build muscle.

I hope all of this is helpful to you as you start learning about the benefits of essential oils. Please reach out to me for Free resources and ebooks as you start learning (available to nonmembers as well). Come to our YOUTUBE channel for more free education.

Ginny - Health Educator since 1992

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