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Sometimes you need protection for your babys precious head. But you worry about breathability and your babys safety. So we make these organic cotton inside and out protectors for your crib, your Stokki, your DaVinci, or other product that may require softness to protect your baby from hard wood or metal posts.


Also great for babies who keep getting their little legs and arms stuck in the post gaps. 


All natural undyed color.

Organic cotton through and through for ease of machine washing and drying. Our unique needle punched organic cotton keeps them from bunching.


These are about 1/4" thick and are all made with multiple baby safe ties to attach to the toddler cot or other item. If you want no ties, let us know in the notes section. (If you are buying a bumper cover for the bumper, you won't want ties).


Option 1: Our crib bumpers are 7-8" High and 160" long for the inside circumference of a standard crib. 

Option 2: A single bumper that is 7-8" high but only 108" long for a 3 sided crib (when you remove the large side)


If you need a custom size, please reach out to me as we can make these too.

Our other smaller baby bumpers are 6" high and can be made any length you like. We make these 1 piece unless you ask for something else. 

Baby Bumper Pads Organic

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