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Our naturally liquid resistant super soft felted wool pillow cover is designed to keep your pillow protected! Nonmetal Zip Closure for total protection.


Made with untreated organically processed EcoWool from USA organically raised sheep, and felted using only water, instead of the chemical additives most companies use.


Great for keeping your pillow safe from liquids or stains. Although the wool used is not certified organic, we have found the wool to be of equivalent purity to certified organic wool with our testing at a third party lab. Minimal washing is needed due to the natural bacterial resistance and mold resistance of wool when it is unbleached and naturally processed like ours. 


Machine wash cool delicate, shake and hang dry.

  • Natural moisture barrier protects your pillow
  • Made in USA in our own pure facility
  • Made with domestic Northwest Eco-Wool
  • 32 oz. of pure wool in each yard
    • The Eco-Wool is tightly woven and slightly felted, resulting in a natural water repellent fabric that’s a pure healthy and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic products. 


    Machine wash on delicate or hand wash cycle, shake, and hang dry. You do not need to wash if it gets a little pee on it, the bacteria won't grow on this wool so when it is dry, it will not smell. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the load to increase softness.

    Do not put in dryer!


    Made here at our San Diego, CA Facility. Ships within 1-2 business days.


    Standard 20 x 26"

    Queen 20 x 30"

    King 20 x 35"

    Child 14 x 20"

    Euro 26 x 26"

    Body Cyclindrical 9 x 60"


    EcoWool Moisture Pad Zip Pillow Covers

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