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We make pet beds in all kinds of sizes and thicknesses to accomodate all kinds of pets. 

I love latex pet beds because they taste terrible so my dogs don't chew them!


We cover these with our zip off organic cotton cover for comfort for your pet lion, monkey, dog, cat, hamster, snake, whatever your pet is. 


You can also get extra separate organic cotton zip on covers for these if you like so you have options


We recommend an organic cotton quilted machine wash/dry pad to place on top if you want it easy care. 


Available in custom sizes, just text or email me the size you want and I will add it. 


Choose your firmness. Soft, Medium, or Firm Support


We have Dandelion Green Print Twill, Natural Damask, Light Olive Green Twill, Brown Chenille, Brown Stripe Chenille as color options but the program will not let me add these so put your color choice in the notes.

Organic Latex Organic Cotton Pet Beds

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