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Sometimes you need a bumper to protect your babys precious head. But you worry about breathability and your babys safety. So we make these organic cotton, EcoWool filled bumpers for your crib, your Stokke, your DaVinci, or other product that may require a bumper pad to protect your baby from hard wood or metal posts. 

We are the only company using layers of insulator EcoWool for a sturdy bumper. 

We love natural wool as it is twice as breathable as cotton and naturally bacteria resistant. And bugs hate the natural lanolin in pure untreated wool. 

They are all made with multiple baby safe ties to attach to the crib or other item. 

Our crib bumpers are 7-8" High

These are available in single unit or in 4 sections of 28, 52, 28, 52 for a standard crib. That way you can remove a side when you convert a crib to toddler bed. 

You can also order without ties so you can use with a removable bumper cover. 


We offer this in various thicknesses. 1/4" is great for a little head protection or to keep little limbs inside the crib. 1/2" is a greatt thicknesses for more head protection, and 3/4" is a lot more cushioning. 


Our other bumpers are 6" and can be made any size you like. 

Spot clean only. You can hand rinse outer if it gets soiled and air dry. 

Organic Baby Bumper Pads

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