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Our Organic and Natural Body Pillows are great for wrapping your body around and getting amazing support just where you need it. If you struggle with neck issues, or back problems, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, the purity and support of our pillows will change your life. 

So many times the toxins in our bedding can make us feel ill, or fatigued as our body is constantly trying to rid itself of these toxins. 

Made of fine organic materials and a gorgeous organic cotton damask outer for durability, to last for decades with proper care. These have a zip closure to let you adjust the fill to your preference. You can request it without a zip closure if you like. 


Kapok filled is our most popular as it is very malleable to really cushion your joints and neck. Kapok is a fiber that comes from a very tall fruit tree in Indonesia and ours is completely unprocessed. We simply hand remove twigs and vegetation. It is machine washable and dryable, but it takes several hot dryer cycles and should be dried completely. 

EcoWool is a denser, fiber that is laid inside the organic cotton in layers of batting. It is not very malleable but it is very supportive and is cooler than cotton. It is not machine washable and requires special care if it is soiled. 

Shredded Latex is a great option for a robust pillow that can be shaped in any direction but it tends to feel warmer than other fibres. 

Woollie Balls has the same amazing breathability as wool batting but it is malleable and can be shaped how you like. It also must be cared for properly if it gets soiled. 


We, myself and my family business, have been making these pillows since 1994 here in Southern California, and hope you enjoy their long life and unique properties of their pure natural fibers. 

Due to the nature of organics, we cannot accept returns once opened. 

They do feature a 1 year manufacterer warranty so if you have any issues, contact us. We will find a solution that works for everyone. 


Ginny Edmunds

Organic Body Pillows 18 x 54" Rectangular

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