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Only here have we designed a machine washable pad for such an amazing price. Organic cotton inside and out! These pads protect your mattress from the sweat and moisture our bodies give off at night. Perfect to use with our wool moisture pads for elderly people, leaky women during their monthly cycle and youngsters who may wet the bed. 

Our pad is an exclusive design of organic needle punched batting carefully quilted between 2 layers of our organic cotton damask we use on all our fine organics. This creates a 1/4" thick absorbent pad that is easy to care for. 2.5 lbs of pure organic cotton is super absorbent. 

Custom Sizes Available. 

They are made for all kinds of baby products: Graco, L,A, Baby, Baby Bunk, Sleigh Bed, Cradle, Bassinet, PortaCrib, CoSleeper, Baby Bjorn and more...

Organic Cotton Crib Quilted Mattress Pad

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