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Our organic cotton diaper doublers are perfect for adding absorbency to cloth diapers of any kind including pocket diapers, all-in-ones, fitted, prefold and flats.  Whether you have a heavy wetter or need extra absorbency at night or during naps these incredibly soft doublers are the answer.


No toxic chemicals are used in the processing for our doublers. (bamboo or rayon use chemicals to manufacture the fabric, so we stick to cotton)


The infant size holds 1/3 cups of urine each. 


Infant is recommended for 3-15 lbs and toddler 16-50 lbs. But to save money you can get by with just toddler. Mine lasted me through 4 children. 


Pack of 4 thirsty doublers in your choice of ecodyed colors. Why colors? They hide the stains...

Organic Cotton Diaper Doublers 4 Pack

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