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Pets should also get to enjoy a chemical free surface to lay on.

Organic Cotton Pet Beds Covers are Made in USA by us to fit any pet bed. Custom sizes too. These feature our single sided zipper on the long side, so you can remove and wash and dry your cover as often as needed. 

 We offer any size and have some popular ones listed here. 


12 x 20"


18 x 24"


20 x 30"


20 x 35"


24 x 36"


Custom Sizes Available


Made in USA by Healthy Body Head To Toe (a small family company). 31 Years of Quality Manufacturing

Protected from chemicals at every stage. 

Organic Cotton Pet Bed Covers

  • Our pillows are designed to last so you don't have to keep replacing them every 6 months as health experts recommend. They feature our 1 year manufacturer warranty as we manufacture them here in Southern California. And if you have any issues, please contact me, owner Ginny Edmunds.

    The kapok, shredded latex, are designed to be machine washed and dried, while the organic wool fill is designed to hand wash outer only since pure untreated wool naturally resists wetness and various bugs. 

    If you buy an organic cotton pillow, be aware it can only be spot cleaned and needs to be dried thoroughly and completely or it can get musty. 

    Protect your pillows with our organic barrier cover to help it stay clean. 

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