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Our organic cotton pillow covers are made with our beautiful and durable GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Damask. Damask has a flexibility and feel that is more comfortable and giving, than the sateen that most companies are using on their pillows. It also lasts much longer for repeated washings that a lot of us sensitive persons do. 

In an effort to help people use organics, we also sell these zip on covers and all our pillow filling fibers separately so you can make your own pillow easily and save some money. 

We have been manufacturing pillows and bedding for adults and babies since 1992 right here in Southern California. We have our own in house facilty with only employees who live with us. This is how we control the chemicals. We have no toxic chemicals on our bodies or in the environment. Then to further protect you, we ship in pure polyethylene packaging. 

Zipper is nylon with a metal zipper head. If you prefer something without a zipper, contact us. We do a lot of custom work for others who are chemically sensitive like myself. 

Ginny Edmunds - Owner



Standard 20 x 26"

Queen 20 x 31"

King 20 x 36"

Euro 26 x 26"


We also make sizes for small pillows here

Child 14 x 20"

Boudoir 12.5 x 16"

Travel/Throw 16 x 16"


Custom sizes available 1-800-939-0701

Organic Cotton Pillow Covers -Zippered

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