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This mattress is made with the simplest of materials for those trying to avoid toxic chemicals. The GOLS certified organic latex cores are 3" of soft,  then 3" of Medium, and 3" of Firm, and an inch of soft for the top.  You can customzie these cores. This comes with the 10" zippered certified organic cotton damask outer which you zip the cores into. You can add anything on top of the mattress or just put a sheet over the mattress. 


About our GOLS certified organic latex:

Our Natural Latex Foam is produced with natural latex harvested from organically grown rubber trees on fair trade estates. It is made without the use of synthetic latex or fillers. Natural latex foam provides comfort, durability and breathability. Our natural latex foam is made on a dedicated production line engineered to enhance these inherent benefits while also improving consistency.

Using an enhanced version of the Dunlop Process, Earthfoam natural latex foam combines the best elements of Dunlop and Talalay latex foam. It has a more lively and consistent feel than other Dunlop latex foam without the "bouncy" feel of Talalay Foam. We believe that this produces a product that works better for more people.


This makes a simple pure mattress. 

Twin XL Vegan 10" Mattress Clearance

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