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New Products!

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All this plus a FREE 15ml Copaiba oil, Copaiba softgels and Yellow Mandarin! Over $100 Free Soothing Products.
Copaiba is a huge cost savings vs CBD oil.

Committed to Selling Purity for 26 Years

Congratulations! You have found the best resource for Pure, Essential Oils.

I have spent many years studying and learning about how essential oils and natural products can better our lives. In fact, I started Ecobaby Organics and Pure-Rest Organic Bedding Co in 1992 to make the world safer.

Now I am educating and sharing essential oils and natural home and beauty products with YOU.

I did my research, as always. I found that essential oils by doTERRA are the most potent and purest available. In fact, since I have a long 20 year plus history in the organic market, I can see doTERRA exceeds those weak organic standards.

Better than all of this, are the benefits you get with a doTERRA wholesale account. You get manufacturer direct, you get bonuses, free products, and huge discounts. Best of all, you get me, a Certified Essential Oils Coach. I am here to help you with your health issues.

Let me help you on your journey to wellness and comfort. 😊 No one should have to suffer.

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Our Fave Etsy Shop