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The GIA Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder is not only a brilliantly convenient accessory for your phone that helps you better grip your phone, take pictures with one hand, or serve as a stand for when you watch a video on your phone, but it also has been designed to help support your body’s natural resistance to the stress-related effects of exposure to man-made frequencies, and reinforce your biofield’s resilience to energetic disruptors. With the new GIA Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder, our product development team has successfully merged the convenience and versatility of one of the fastest-selling cell phone and tablet accessories on the planet with GIA’s patented energy technology. A brilliant solution for the hi-tech age!


Wireless exposure

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices has been linked to various stress-induced issues. In our modern world, wireless devices are crucial for our way of life, and we are committed to including EMR in the wellness conversation. The GIA Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder utilizes the proprietary combination of our patented technology “MRET”, a passive noise-field technology, and the bio-friendly Energy Resonance Technology “ERT” to help support your body’s natural resistance to the stress-related effects of exposure to man-made frequencies, and to reinforce the biofield’s resilience to energetic disruptors.

Product Benefits

Powered by the proprietary blend of patented technologies, the Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder is designed to support your body’s natural resistance to the stress-related effects of electropollution exposure, as well as reinforce your body’s natural resilience to energy disruptors.

  • Can be used on Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Bluetooth, etc.
  • No maintenance required
  • The Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder design is compatible with 5G Devices

The Test Results with GIA’s Patented Technology Speak for Themselves:




How does the patented GIA Cell Guard Technology work?

At GIA, we understand and respect science. We know that trying to block or shield radiation from wireless communication devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, bluetooth devices, etc. is not the answer. Here is why: anything trying to block or shield an information-carrying radio wave (ICRW), would also interfere with the very signal emitted by the device. And interference could mean dropped calls, text messages not going through, an internet connection not working, etc. Worse yet, anything interfering with the signal would make a device emit even more radiation. Why? Because it is trying even harder to look for a strong signal.

That is precisely why GIA’s patented and proprietary technologies focus on changing the way the body responds to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Here’s a simple analogy: Sunscreen doesn’t make the sun go away, but it changes the way the body responds to it. Same concept with GIA’s technologies: They don’t make EMR disappear (if they did, wireless devices would become useless). Instead, they measurably change the body’s response to EMR. And that is a (patented) game-changer.


The round GIA Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder utilizes a powerful, high-grade adhesive for long-term, worry-free application to your cell phone, iPad or tablet.


  • Dimensions: 1.6″ L x 1.6″ W x 0.3″ D
  • MRET Lifespan: 1.5 Years
  • ERT Lifespan: Does not expire
  • 360 Degree Rotation. Adjustable to Unfold, Semi-fold, or Fold!
  • Convenient when watching movies, reading, face timing, skyping, zooming, surfing the web, or on road trips, etc.
  • Multi-functional pop-up stand and tilt feature, or to use for wrapping headset cords around the base of the pop-up holder
  • Works on any phone, PDA, tablet, and/or Bluetooth make and model
  • Exclusively available through GIA Wellness (not available in stores)


Use the GIA Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder on the following devices:

A versatile, fun accessory for your phone or tablet!


Smart Phone


iPad or Tablet Device



Here are some quick GIA tips on how to practice wellness in the wireless age:

  • Increase your body’s distance from wireless devices
  • Use the speakerphone function or GIA’s Mobile Airtube Headset
  • Turn off devices when not using them (especially while sleeping)
  • Don’t charge your phone near where you sleep
  • Reduce screen time as much as possible

Cell Guard Pop Up Holder

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