Austin Air Filters

The way we live is changing. As we spend more time at home, the need for clean air, free from contaminants has never been more important. At Austin Air, they understand that choosing the right air purifier, to protect you and your family, is a big decision. When I bought my first unit about 15 years ago, I was concerned about the toxins that my baby may be exposed to. I have enjoyed my unit for a very long time and the fresh air it creates for me. 

You can’t see indoor pollutants and you can’t see airborne viruses. You need to know the air purifier you choose will protect you and your loved ones, without you even knowing it.

So, the big question is Why Austin Air? 

Austin Air is the only air purifier proven to remove pollutants in independent clinical trials. Carried out by leading university hospitals. They had no involvement in the trials. No influence. No bias.

In government tests they outperformed over 100 other air purifiers. This led to work with FEMA and the American Red Cross during some of America’s most challenging times, including 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and the 2015 SoCal gas leak in California. I live in southern California and I remember what life was like without and then with my air filter after the 2003 wildfires turned my white car brown and left ash and a horrid smell everywhere.

More recently Austin Air has been supplying an unprecedented number of schools, hospitals and businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year they have also protected thousands of households on the west coast, as they experience one of the worst wildfire seasons on record.