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Organic Baby & Toddler Bedding, Clothing, Toys

We have been making organic baby clothes and bedding since 1992. Some of you may recognize our original name, Ecobaby Organics. I started this company right after I had my first child.

Why? Because I did not want him exposed to chemicals, and I struggled finding organic clothing and bedding for him. So I created these clothes and bedding for my 4 kids. In fact, they are in a lot of the pictures you see. 

I wanted organics that were well made so they would last through my 4 kids and still be able to be used on my grandkids, if I ever get any. My kids are now grown, and I continued to make wonderful organic products for your babies and kids too. 

Purity was always my first concern. So we tested our products in a Los Angeles lab to make sure they were free from toxins. The standards are not strict enough for me, so we surpass them. 

All snaps are nickel-free. Only ecodyes are used. 

Certification is either SKAL or GOTS depending when fabric was made. 

Please enjoy these clearance prices as we are phasing out our organic clothing as there is so much competition now. p.s. If its hanging in Target, it is not pure and therefore not organic in my eyes. 

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