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Organic Diapering

Did you know that disposible diapers contain a slew of toxic chemicals. These chemicals cause problems later in life for both baby and those around baby. So many of us use cloth diapers now to prevent that toxic exposure. It can be super easy. In fact, I wrote an article back in 1994, all about how simple it truly can be. 

We make these amazing diaper doublers to help absorb the pee pee for heavy wetters, or nighttime use. Use with a wool or other diaper cover and diaper for more protection. 

I have found the small diaper doublers to be perfect for infants as they are smaller and easy to wash and reuse. 

Made from 3 layers of our thirsty organic cotton fleece. Soft and fuzzy to feel great against babys... you know.

Choose our small infant doublers 4 x 10" or our larger doublers 5.25 x 12". Pack of 4

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