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Why You Need An Organic Pure Pillow
Lowest Price Guarantee

Choosing the Perfect Organic Pillow- Made in USA

Your choice of pillow is a very personal choice. The right pillow can make your night wonderful, and a bad pillow can make you miserable. We have been making natural and organic options since 1992.


What makes a pillow bad or good?

  • The amount of toxins in it. A synthetic pillow will keep your body busy detoxing while you are supposed to be sleeping. 

  • The amount of bacteria, mold, or dust mite droppings that are in it. Currently, experts suggest throwing away or washing your synthetic pillow every 6 months. Luckily, many types of fills are more durable and prevent this bacteria buildup. 

  • Its support of the way you personally sleep. Some people prefer fluffy malleable pillows like kapok and woollie balls, while others like a lot of firm support like wool or cotton fill. Others like the feel of latex as it is a bit soft but supportive (only downfall is it is warmer than most fills, and expensive). Another option is shredded latex which is very malleable so you can put the filling just where you want it. ​

We make these in our Southern California Country Location to maintain purity. We have only 3 sewers who live here in our pure natural home so we can guarantee odors and toxins will not be getting on our products. We even use Lemon Essential Oil instead of WD 40 for our machines. I have never seen anyone take such care to keep things pure. 


See our organic cotton pillowcases and pillow protectors here

Kapok Pillows.jpg

Organic Cotton Kapok Pillows - Silky Soft
Customer Favorite since 1999

If you like a pillow that is soft and malleable (meaning you can move it around and scrunch it up), then you may want a kapok pillow. Kapok is a fruit fiber that is machine wash and dryable. This makes it a great pillow fiber if you want a pillow that will last. We cover our pure natural tested kapok fiber with our European Organic Cotton Damask for Durability (not that weak sateen). 

We hand clean our kapok as it naturally has a lot of vegetation and sticks in it. Any really clean kapok has been chemically cleaned. 

1. Choose our Adjustable version that has a zipper closure so you can customize your fill, or even add some shredded latex to it, if you like. 

2. Or our non zip closure if you prefer

Extra Lite 2" Height

Lite 3" Height

Regular 4" Height

Heavy 5" Height

Adult Sizes,

or Child and Travel Sizes

Choose Your Kapok Pillow Here

Kapok Pillows.jpg
Wool Pillows.jpg
Wool Pillows.jpg

Wool Pillows are a better option for those who want more support in a pillow. These are made with our organically processed and carded wools. 

Why Wool?

Wool is more breathable than cotton or kapok, it is naturally bug resistant, dust mite resistant, mold resistant and more. It resists moisture when it is in its natural, unbleached state as ours are.

They require more care in washing but the wool itself does not need washing, so just protect your pillow with a zip on cover and/or a pillowcase. 

You have several choices of wools:

EcoWool - Our trademarked Premium Eco Wool Batting is made with locally sourced, family-run farms. This blend is made with primarily Corriedale, Suffolk, Dorset, Cheviot, Romney, Morrit, Coopworth, and Columbia sheep - ensuring an ideal amount of course and fine long fibers. Proven by bed and furniture designers, this blend maintains a nice loft longer than poly filler or other non-natural products. We begin with exceptional low debris wool before proceeding to scouring with a mild, biodegradable soap. Finally, the scoured wool is carded or garnetted into batting.

Organic Wool - Our Organic Wool Batting is made with Dorset and Columbia sheep and sourced in New Zealand. This wool is scoured with organic agents. The organic wool is not as springy as the EcoWool and they both test pure. So I prefer and use EcoWool but if you like certifications then we do offer organic wool 

Choose Your Favorite Wool Pillow Here

If you love a pillow that is very fluffy and very airy, this is the one for you. Spiralled tufts of our pure natural wool fill your pillow and offer total breathability and a super soft feel. 

These also feature a zip closure so you can add ore, take some out, or even add another fiber, like some kapok or shredded latex to make your pillow feel exactly as you like. 

Even better, wool pillows require no care to the inner fiber, which can last 3o years. You can wash the fancy organic cotton damask outer if needed. 

We have been making these for decades and offer the following fills:

Lite 3" high, Regular 4" high, Heavy 5" high

Sizes: Standard, Queen, King, Euro 26 x 26", Boudoir 12.5 x 16", Throw 16 x 16", Child 14 x 20" and custom sizes available for no extra fee. 

Choose Your Woollie Ball Pillow Here


What an amazing stuffing for an supportive premium pillow!

Organic or Natural Latex makes a super supportive pillow that can be added to or subtracted from in order to get ideal support and comfort. These feature a zipper for customizing your pillow. Non zip version available by request. 

Latex pieces are supportive but very malleable making this pillow great to wrap around your head, put under your neck, support your hips and more. 

These are heavier and a bit less breathable than our other pillow options, and feature our fancy organic cotton damask outer cover. 

You can machine wash and dry these pillows, and they last and last. 

Best of all, bugs do not like latex at all. The proteins in natural pure latex deter them. 

Lite 3" high, Regular 4" high, Heavy 5" high

Sizes: Standard, Queen, King, Euro 26 x 26", Boudoir 12.5 x 16", Throw 16 x 16", Child 14 x 20" and custom sizes available for no extra fee. 

Choose Your Pillow Here

Organic Cotton Pillows

Our GOTS Certified organic cotton pillows are organic cotton through and through. No other fibers at all. 
Organic cotton pillows tend to be very dense but breathable. They are very supportive but not very fluffy feeling at all. 

Organic cotton needs special care. Do not get inside wet. Spot clean outer only. 

Lite 3" high, Regular 4" high, Heavy 5" high

Sizes: Standard, Queen, King, Euro 26 x 26", Boudoir 12.5 x 16", Throw 16 x 16", Child 14 x 20", yoga, bolster, body, and custom sizes available for no extra fee. 

Choose Your Pillow Here

organic cotton batt close.jpg
Nursing PIllow Natural.jpg

Nursing Pillows

A great organic pillow to support your baby when breastfeeding, and for support during playtime. 

Fill choices: EcoWool, Kapok

Outer Choices: Organic Natural Damask, Green Dandelion, Blue Flannel

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