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Organic Bumper Pads for Crib, Cradle, Stokke and More

Parents love our pure bumper pads. No synthetics at all. Filled with pure Natural EcoWool from our wonderful California Organically raised sheep and processed all naturally (will have a bit of natural vegetation in the wool). Ours are very unique in that we have a style that is made with layers of Felted EcoWool Insulator to make them a bit flatter and sturdy. These come either with ties or without (if you are using a bumper cover with ties). 

The crib bumpers are 7-8" high. Choose if you want a single 160" long one for an entire crib, or in 4 pieces (so you can remove the long side when you convert to toddler bed or daybed). The infant styles are 6" high and you choose your length. 

See our Organic Cotton Machine Wash/Dry Teething Rail Covers too. These protect your crib from teething babies chewing on it. 

Made right here in USA. 

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