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Super Pure, Natural Sunscreen and Sun Protection

doTERRA has spent years finding a way to make a pure natural sunscreen so that we are not absorbing toxic chemicals, or even that nano zinc that many companies use. 

This sunscreen line is the safest sun product we have seen. And, as a bonus, if you are a doTERRA Member, you can do the Free Online 20 minute training videos so you will really understand what this product is, and why it is phenominal. If you are not a member, contact me and I will share the information and training with you. 

Your body should spend its time processing food, and nourishing your organs and brain, not metabolizing and ridding itself of all kinds of chemicals. 

Contact me at if you want more info on the Sunscreen Line, or any of the doTERRA Health and Beauty Products. We have weekly events to help you learn more. 

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