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Our most popular carpet offering a muted elegance. McKinley can be either dressed up in a formal application or used in a bedroom/foyer/den to gain the comfort that comes from the finest all natural wool available. 

Throw Rugs are expertly serged with the natural wool for a gorgeous look and durability. Choose 4 x 6', 6 x 9', 8 x 10', 10 x 12'. Custom Sizes Available


Natural Latex Gripper Pads are available for your throw rugs. 


Wall to Wall Carpet in Rolls Available, please call 1-800-939-0701.


See our wool underpad for wall to wall installation

Face : 100% Undyed & Untreated Wool
Wool Weight : 44 oz

Width : 12 feet
Primary : Hemp/Cotton

Durability: All residential applications & light commercial


Colors: Snowfield, Cottontail, Honeysuckle, Granite, Tussock, Dried Thistle, Silver Birch, Pewter, Anthracite & Ursus

You can get a sample pack of 3 x 3" pieces of our carpets. It is $1 per sample piece. You can also send them back to get a full refund if you like. If you buy a carpet, the sampling costs (up to 10 samples) will be deducted from your carpet or rug purchase.

Earthweave Natural Wool Carpet - Mckinley

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