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GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Duvet Covers protect your comforter (duvet) while keeping your sleeping environment pure and free of toxins.

Our standard is Crib 30 x 54" and Toddler 40 x 55" but we can make any custom size you need. 


Choose from our many organic fabrics:

Sateens - Designed to feel super soft without adding a bunch of toxic (but legal) chemicals. 400 Thread Count Long staple yarns and a premium weave make these feel great against your skin.

Why does staple type matter? Long staple yarns are thin and long so there are less ends. These are grown in India. The ends of yarns are what make fabric feel rough to your skin. So short staple, like what we grow in the US, will always feel scratchier than long staple. 


Jersey Knit - Super soft and stretchy like a super soft tee shirt. Feels buttery soft.


Fleeces - Heavier and warmer with a fuzzy feel.


Heavy Flannel - Heavy and a bit stiffer but soft brushed surface. 


Baby Flannel - Soft and lightweight, just right for babies.


The comforter covers have a lovely tie closure

The natural is a nice silky soft, without any dyes. 

In addition, the luxury stripes are naturally designed to be more crease resistant without adding any chemicals. 



We have been making fine organics in the USA since 1992. 


Here are the wonderful organic comforters you can use with our organic covers. 

Organic Cotton Crib and Toddler Duvet Comforter Covers

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