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Our organic cotton prefold diapers are so thirsty with layers and layers of our organic cotton fleece. Made to fold into diaper covers to protect babies from the damaging effects of chemicals found in all disposable diapers. Since 1992, we have been making these wonderful, absorbant diapers. 


No toxic chemicals are used in the processing for our diapers. (bamboo or rayon use chemicals to manufacture the fabric, so we stick to cotton)


Infant is recommended for 3-15 lbs and toddler 16-50 lbs. But to save money you can get by with just toddler. Mine lasted me through 4 children. 

Infant is 12 x 14" and toddler is 14 x 18". 


Pack of 2 thirsty diapers in your choice of ecodyed colors. Why colors? They hide the stains...

Organic Cotton Diapers 2 Pack

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