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Keeps your baby safe and guards teeth and head from bumping. Made from 100% organic needle punched cotton. These tie on and are extra long for cribs with longer upper rails. Machine wash and dry. 


To Order: Measure the circumference of the rail itself.

We have several length options (contact us for custom sizes)

1. US 1 long side: 52''
2. US 1 short side: 28''
3. Cradle 1 long side 36"

4. Cradle 1 short side 18"
5. US Full crib, 4 sides: 2x 52'' and 2x 28''

6. 22"

7. 54"

NOTE: Please remember to measure the required length before buying!

INSTALLING: Crib rail guard comes with ties, to be attached to the crib rail top guard.

Please check our store for more upgrades on your baby crib.

Organic Cotton Crib Teething Rail Cover

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