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We have been making organic infant mattress pads since 1993. Our focus has been purity and durability. We designed these with our Natural EcoWool from Northern California and covered with our premium organic cotton. The inside layers are insulator felted wool (unique only to us), in order to create flatness for infants. We have visited our wool supplier ourselves to check the purity! Since we have tested the EcoWool, we are sure of its purity and it comes from healthy happy USA sheep. So we support our farmers. 


Why do you want an organic mattress pad? Synthetic baby mattresses and pads are filled with chemicals that outgas and work your babys system while they are constantly detoxing from the chemicals. Standardly there are fire retardents, plastics (petroleum based), and other endocrine disruptors. Your baby does not need these, and evidence has been piling up that these synthetics are harming your baby. 


The Halo Mattress synthetic version contains: 72% Polyester/22% Rayon/6% PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). Very unhealthy

Made with safety in mind our natural wool batting will support your little one and allow them to breathe safely. 

Natural EcoWool, Organic Cotton Damask outer. 

So by using simply Organic Cotton and EcoWool, we protect your little one. 


We also make these in an all EcoWool version. Zero cotton. 


These popular mattress pads are 1, 1.5, 2" or 2.5" thick for perfect support. 



  • Shallow tufts inside edges for a flat surface.
  • Hand-tufted with natural wool thread to keep the filling in place.


We can do custom sizes as well at no extra charge.  So replace that cheap synthetic mattress pad with a pure mattress pad for your Amby, BabyBay, Baby Bunk, Arms Reach, Cradle, PortaCrib, Co-Sleeper, Stokke or any other item that has a synthetic mattress pad. 


Custom Sizes Available


Made in San Diego, CA


Felted Pure EcoWool Moisture Pad

Organic Cotton Quilted Premium Absorbent Mattress Pad

Plush Organic Wool Pad (sheepskin without the sheep)

Fitted Sheets

Amby Baby 11 x 37"

Baby Bunk 15 x 35"

New Baby Bunk 17 x 35"

Mini Bassinet 13 x 29" Oval

Bassinet 18 x 31" Oval

BabyBay 17 x 34" Custom Corners

Mini Original Co-Sleeper 18.5 x 31.5"

New Mini Co-Sleeper 19 x 32.5"

Ideal Co-Sleeper 23 x 38"

Cradle 18 x 36"

Mini DaVinci 23 x 36.5"

DaVinci Mini Crib 24 x 38"

Mini DaVinci 24 x 37"

Playyard 26 x 38"

Pack N Play 26 x 36"

Sleigh Bed 21.5 x 31.5

Stokke Mini 23 x 29" Oval

Stokke 26 x 45" Oval

Stokke Junior Oval 28 x 66"

Organic Cotton/Wool Baby Mattress/Pad Style 1b

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