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Organic Infant Mattresses/Pads

We have many different options of organic infant mattresses and pads to help you save money while providing your baby the safest and most durable sleeping options. All sizes and custom sizes available including Stokke, Halo, Sleigh Bed, DaVinci, Arms Reach, Co-Sleeper, Playyard, Bassinet, Cradle... These can be shaped oval, hourglass, etc. 

Other natural and organic protection pads are available here. 

Style 1 is the most durable and breathable option to prevent mold, mildew, moisture, dust mites, bed bugs and more. This style is made with 4 - 6 layers (Choose 1" of 1.5" thickness) of our Pure EcoWool Insulator Felted Wool (will have some natural vegetation due to the total purity of the wool) and covered on both sides by our EcoWool Moisture Material which is naturally very water resistant. To clean, simply rinse outer of the mattress, shake and hang dry (not in direct sun), dries quickly. This style lays very flat and is more sturdy than a carded wool option. As this option is only 1 type of wool (our organically raised premium ecowool from California Sheep), it cuts down on any sensitivities. 

Style 1 b is the same as above but the outer is organic cotton. 


Style 2 is our Futon style Wool Pad. This is made with our carded EcoWool inside and Covered with our EcoWool Moisture Pad. This style is a bit softer than the felted wool Style 1 shown above. 

Style 3 is our Futon style Wool Pad with Organic Cotton Outer. This style is even softer than style 2 and is made with carded EcoWool. This would require a EcoWool Moisture Pad to protect it from pee.

Style 4 is a very solid, very firm GOLS Certified Organic Latex Core 1", 2" or 3" and has an EcoWool outer for pee and moisture protection. We make pet beds with this latex too. 

Stye 4 Deluxe includes a layer of ecowool insulator on top and bottom of the latex under the outer, to add a bit of softness and breathability This adds .5 " to the height of mattress

Style 5 is the same organic latex core but with organic cotton zip off outer.

Style 5 Deluxe includes a layer of ecowool insulator on top and bottom of the latex under the outer, to add a bit of softness and breathability This adds .5 " to the height of mattress

Style 6 is the raw latex so you can make your own pad. 1", 2", 3"

After your baby is older, you can use these as a play mat, or as a pet bed. These pure materials will last a very long time.

**The wool top means if you baby gets a little pee on it, it will dry and leave no residual bacteria.

If you have a heavy wetter, you may wish to add our organic cotton machine wash/dry quilted pad on top of the wool pad so you can just machine wash and dry that with the sheet.  

To clean - Simply hand rinse outer and let dry (not in high heat or direct sun). Do not saturate. 

Protect your pad with our puddle pad and our organic cotton quilted super absorbant pad.

See our Organic Cotton Sheets, Bumper Pads, for your infant items...

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