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Our Organic Latex Mattress Cores can be used to make an inexpensive simple crib mattress that will ensure you are not exposed to processing chemicals that are often used in mattresses. 

Use the organic latex cores and cover with our 3", 4.5" or 6" Organic Cotton Zip on Outers for a simple mattress. 


Option 1: 6" solid core. Purchase a 6" organic cover for your core

Option 2: 3" plus 3" flippable 6" mattress. Purchase 2 of the 3" cores in desired firmness. Then purchase our 6" organic cover for your cores. 

Option 3: Flippable Infant/Toddler 1.5" extra firm and 4.5" medium. This will make a flippable mattress with addition of our 6" Outer cover here. 

Option 3: 4.5" medium with addition of our 4.5" Outer cover here. 


Available Deluxe Accessories:

EcoWool Natural Moisture Pad (pee protection)

Quilted Organic Cotton Machine Wash/Dry Pad (thick absorbency for heavy wetters)

Fancy No Skin Organic Sheepskin Wool Pelt (stimulates growth and health)


You can use as a topper, or a temporary bed as well.


These cores may take a bit longer to ship as we have them specially cut. 


Continental US Only


Suggestion: Use a 3" Extra Firm and a 3" Medium or Soft for a Flippable Mattress that is safe and firm for infant but more comfy for toddler on the softer side. 


4.5" is a 1.5" Extra Firm and a 3" Medium flippable mattress. 

Organic Latex Mattress Crib Cores

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