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Enjoy Sure On This Shining Night Lauridsen PDF Free and Discover the Diversity and Richness of American Culture

Lauridsen both looks upon the creative process as a continual exercise in continuous discovery and as an energetic exploration of possibilities. Much of this exploration takes place on the piano, where the composer frequently contrasts quiet pianissimos with rich chords, or layers of material, while never losing sight of the essential drama inherent in each work. It is this insight into the creativity behind the music that enables the musical mind of such a bold, and sometimes cloyingly, impressionist composer to be so filled with light. Indeed, it is through the prism of Rilke, Piaf and Lacombe that Lauridsen reveals his love for art in all its exuberance. His gift is to make such unbounded expansiveness seem utterly natural and naturalized, to the benefit of the listener. This comes through in his writing for piano, for both the touch and temperament of the instrument lend themselves to the broad dramatic tonalities he favors.

sure on this shining night lauridsen pdf free


In 20 minutes, Lauridsen manages to create a completely enchanting picture of an idealized rose garden, an orchard filled with oranges and pomegranates, the home of a canary, and the moonlit, balmy night by the sea. Sure on This Shining Night also skips across centuries and continents, continually ravishing as it evokes the music of all lands. From the sixteenth-century madrigals of Ditters von Dittersdorf and Andreas Sanke to the 20th-century neo-romantic works of Anton Webern and Stefan Wolpe, Lauridsen paints a picture of the deepest heart of music: the mystical shimmer of the notes through which a composer may hope to glimpse the unknowable.


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