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Cocoon - Il Ritorno 2 Full Movie Download In 720p [BETTER]

The old folks who left earth with the Antareans in Cocoon have decided to returnwith an Antarean mission to rescue another cocoon. The six couples from theprevious film have three days to do their visiting with old friends and family.As for the Antareans Courtney Cox looks up Steve Guttenberg who was so helpfulin the last film that she's sure he'll be willing again. For a redblooded male likeGuttenberg, Cox could convince me. But they're too late the cocoon has beentaken from the ocean floor and a scientific institute has it now and they aresawing it open to get the living thing they saw with x-ray.The first Cocoon movie was a wonderful fantasy that worked on our imaginations. The second is entertaining, but sadly comes off as a routinescience fiction. And you better have watched the first because you won'tunderstand the sequel.Best in this film is Jack Gilford who stayed behind when the rest of his 60+ something friends went. He's still the same whiner and complainer, butthere's an endearing quality to him.I think most will like Cocoon: The Return. But leftovers aren't as good as thefirst meal.

Cocoon - Il Ritorno 2 Full Movie Download In 720p



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