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Buy Me A Coffee Donation

Buy Me a Coffee (BMC) is an American crowdfunding company based in San Francisco, California, United States.[1][2] It provides a service for creators to collect donations from their supporters.[3]

buy me a coffee donation


It takes just a few minutes to setup the plugin and to place your Buy Me a Coffee buttons or widgets anywhere on your site. The widget allows your supporters to make payments then and there without having to leave your site, and the button takes them directly to your BMC page from where you can accept one-off donations as well as sell extras and memberships (yearly/monthly) to your visitors.

Create your free page at Buy Me a Coffee in just a few minutes and link your Stripe or Bank account to start receiving donations via credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay options. So, add a Buy Me a Coffee widget/button to accept direct payments from your website visitors, without having to wait for your ads/affiliate revenue to come in.

If you arrived at this page, you have found something I have done. Maybe a project on GitHub or some post from my blog, or something else entirely. Either way, you like what I have done, and it somehow made your life a little bit better. As a gesture of gratitude, you are considering giving me a tip, buying me a coffee or lunch, or just plain donating a small amount of money. This is the page describes how you can do it.

That being said, the platform allows you to post some content on the site albeit limited. The main goal of Ko-fi is to get your fans to help you monetize your work when you share it across your different profiles. By doing so, you can receive more donations from fans who want to ensure that you keep doing what you are doing.

You have three options to make money with Ko-fi: donations, commissions, and subscriptions. This means that not only can fans make instant donations to your art, they can also make a commitment to sending you money every month.

All the payments are handled by PayPal or Stripe, which more than covers you for every type of payment. While there is no monthly fee, Buy Me a Coffee takes 5% of every transaction, so for a five-dollar coffee, they take 25 cents.

You can attach this URL to the backend of your site and when someone clicks on it, they will visit your donation page or will be able to buy you a coffee and the donations will be sent directly to your PayPal or Stripe account

The first time I heard about Ko-fi was from a YouTube video and I wondered if it was possible to make money from it, so I set up an account a few days later. A few days after that, I received my first donation.

It is unlikely that Ko-fi will make you rich, because who goes around tipping hundreds of dollars for a cup of coffee. However, as long as you have a relatively big audience and you can market your link well, you will get a couple of dollars every once in a while.

We are betting on this tipping culture, or Gratitude Economy, where you feel thankful for someone who has helped you with their content, or helped you have a good time. So you thank them with a coffee after consuming the content, as opposed to paying something monthly, expecting to get something else in return.

So you can't half-ass something and call it an MVP. You have to do something that's beautiful and perfect and usable. Limit the features, but it has to be usable. And Buy Me A Coffee was essentially that. It was a link to receive donations with a beautiful design when we launched it.

Update: After I posted on IndieHackers, my conversion rate doubled, now I've one more supporter. The name of the supporter is anonymous and I don't know if he or she saw this post and donate, but this is not my intention. Thanks for the coffee anyway. :)

Pretty much every story I've read about donations went along the lines of yours. The ones where the person actually made a living based on donations was on projects where they could easily have made 100x more with a paid plan.

Don't ask for supportive emails or hedge here. Ask for money! Ask for money from anyone receiving value from your project. They're on your buymeacoffee page. They're not on your sendmeasupportiveemail page. Sell, sell, sell!

Would you be able/afford to disable ads for some time and see if helps (at least on your best performing tool) the reason for that is when we see ads running on a site like yours we think internally that the site is already making money via ads so my donation would be a redundancy in such case (at least phycological) most of the products that I have seen having good conversion with BMC aren't running ads or at least it's very minimal between navigation .. In all cases you will need high traffic or as others said ask for donations at the aha moment . One last thing try different copies many people out there don't even know what buy me a coffee is, specially if you have international traffic.. best of luck buddy

Hi Wael. I've also negative feelings about whether it is a good idea to run both ads and buy me a coffee at the same time due of the reasons you mentioned. But, it is really hard to replace ads with donations, because donations are unpredictable. I don't think it can perform as good as ads. I try to use ads on minimum, generally 2 for each page, one at the top of the content and one at the bottom. Many people prefer to use 4-5 of them with sticky ones. I will work on copies, as you said, maybe it can be better to inform people about what buy me a coffee is.

I'm using only Adsense for now and I'm not a fan of traditional ads for monetizing because it creates distraction. That's why I'm looking for alternatives like Buy Me A Coffee, but I need to find different ways to increase donations like you suggested. I'm also open to different monetization suggestions.

Really cool stuff. It's hard to monetize a project just with donations, at least in the start period of it. I'll try "pricing" suggestion of @NazuJam. Actually I'm open to all type of suggestions, not only for Buy Me a Coffee, but also for different monetization methods.

I was just going to write what @FarouqAldori said. You have a really nice page with nice tools, done by you.You don't need to charge for all but charge for some, or for example in some cases you want to export in some format you have to pay.Create a subscription mode where people can have access to all, including a one on one to youI honestly think you have enough material to have a free, pay, and freemium version.Keep still the buy me a coffee.I also would take ads and create a blog where you have affiliate links.

You can ask your visitors to buy you a coffee by customizing this form template to suit your needs. Using WPForms to collect donations makes it easy to keep track of who sent you money for a coffee, and you can also control withdrawals yourself by logging into Stripe to collect the money.

We set this up with a suggested donation of $4, but your visitor can change this if they would like to send you a different amount. You can also change the currency that your visitors use by changing the currency in the main WPForms settings area.

> I use wordpress for my blog, can I use a "Buy me a Coffee" plugin (which leads to a paypal link for people to buy me a coffee) with Google Adsense? Yes > Or is it against the TOS? No. >I also want to use Chitika MiniMalls, can I use all 3 of those together? Yes Wootatoot09 Msg#:3895137 12:12 pm on Apr 18, 2009 (gmt 0)

That won't work. I saw someone in SF once with a sign: "Give me the money to buy drugs" Will that violate AdSense TOS? > This seems to be a borderline case of soliciting clicks..If in doubt...Don't .. He isn't soliciting clicks. he is asking for donation and not through Google but through PayPal. I humbly think that you are reading too much into Google's intent. fredw Msg#:3895269 6:24 pm on Apr 18, 2009 (gmt 0)

You have to ask yourself, is a site who's business model is begging for donations, is that a good audience for Adsense, who are looking for visitors in the market to click on ads and convert for their advertisers? The way you get those kind of visitors is post original, informative content. Concentrate on that, and the beer money will come without you having to beg for it. acac Msg#:3895415 2:38 am on Apr 19, 2009 (gmt 0)

By using donations or tips, Buy Me a Coffee provides the audience with a way to help a creator. If someone likes the stuff you create, then they can buy you a coffee at a set dollar amount you determine. Depending on how the creator sets up the account, the payouts are handled directly using PayPal or Stripe. From their Buy Me A Coffee website, creators can also set up monthly subscription packages, membership rewards, or sell extras like e-books and downloadable materials.

You can distribute the donation link as you would any other. You can use the link in the description box in your YouTube posts, which is where subscribers would read and get more information about the video. If you promote your link to your viewers, you might get your first donation from there.

NOTE: Google mailed me to remove PayPal donation capability when publishing on Google Play! Thus, you should build "product flavors" defined by the example: One version with Google Play donation capability and one with Paypal, Flattr, and Bitcoin!

I've read the Developer Policy and it looks unclear. On one hand they say that all purchases in Android apps available on the Google Play Store should be made via Google Play Billing API. On the other hand, they say nothing about the donations (which differ from purchases in my opinion because user gets nothing for donation).

I would not risk the app's status and make donations via Billing API - after all, the main reason why Google bans apps which use 3-rd party billing is that Google doesn't get money from 3-rd party billing. If this is the case than you should be safe if you stay away from PayPal. 041b061a72


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